Friday, November 4, 2011

NYC bookstore cats- Feline Fridays

Its been a somewhat secret dream of mine, for quite some time, to open an independent YA and children's bookstore in Toronto.  And in basically all my daydreams about this store, its layout, events and miscellany there's at least one store cat.   So when this article popped up all over Twitter yesterday I knew I had to share.
From NYULOCAL, Kitty Porn: City Bookstores with Cats:

One of our favorite parts of New York City is its many independent bookstores. Even more than these bookstores, we love their cats.
The Corner Bookstore, located in Manhattan, might spark memories for those of you who grew up on the Upper East Side: It has a healthy children’s section, a jingly welcoming bell, and – most importantly – a cat.
Hampton, named after his place of rescue (that sprawling, wealthy expanse of land just west of the city) is young: “Five or six,” according to store employee Davi Marra. He lives in the bookstore’s basement, coming up for air to “tolerate the adoration” he receives from customers.
“People ask me how Hampton is before they ask me how I am,” said Marra.
Though the cat is calm and quiet, he has known his share of mishaps: “When he was really small, he got stuck behind the bookcases. We had to fish him out.” On other occasions, the cat has tumbled from a high shelf, thinking he’s lighter than he is: “He’s gained some weight.”
Cats are known for being picky, and this one is no exception. Hampton prefers “the travel section,” located near the store’s old-fashioned cash register.
“Especially China and India.”

Happy Friday!


  1. Aw, I love cats! My cat snores really loudly when I'm trying to write. Then I kick her out and she meows like an anguished soul....

  2. one of my all time fav stores is in orillia, ontario.. and they have 2 store cats..

  3. Yah a store with a cat or a dog is a guaranteed store I'm going to stop in all the time, even if I don't need anything!

  4. Oh! I wish bookstores here also have cats. They are very lovely.