Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

Good Morning Saturday munchkins!  I have brought the weeks news for your coffee and PJ consumption! Though I have to admit I've been lazy about Twitter updates the past couple days and there are a couple pieces of news about books so dumb I can't bring myself to mention them, so this might not be quite as exhaustive as usual.  However there is certainly not a shortage!

- If Across the Universe was part of your TBR pile this year than make sure to head on over to Facebook and "Like" Across the Universe, to read the first chapter of a Million Suns, the sequel.

-Pottermore has hit some hiccups.  It went totally offline this past week and has quietly mentioned that- um, not going live this year anymore- clears throat and runs away from mob of angry Harry Potter fans with ears to the ground.

-Then I suppose to take the sting out? a tidbit with Daniel Radcliffe's interview with JK Rowling (extras for the latest dvd which will hit stores like a nano-second before getting removed from the shelves and put into "the vault" for an unspecified time) was "leaked".  Turns out  Ronald Weasley almost bit the dust.

-Cassie Clare has put up the November teaser for Clockwork Prince, with illustrations.  It's a bit squishy looking, and I'm not sure who the green girl is but it's amusing.

-This one I meant to post last week and totally forgot; If you love Jonathan Maberry then make sure to head over to the Macmillian Audio Facebook page.  There you can read the first TEN chapters of his zombie novel Dead of Night and listen to an excerpt of the audio.

- Also, if you head on over to Simon and Schuster you can check out bonus content from Rot and Ruin.

- If you live in Edmonton don't miss your chance to see Inheritance author Christopher Paolini talk about the final book in his Eragon series (the Inheritance Cycle).  Toronto gets ice sculptures instead (boo).  I could have seen him talk about Brisinger a couple of years ago and didn't end up going because I worked late that night, make sure not to make my mistake!!

-And if you can't be in Edmonton then the PW article about Paolini and his amazing story can be checked out on their site, and well worth the read.  In case you somehow missed it over the years, Paolini was 15 when he wrote book one!!  And he was initially self published and promoted by his family.  Of course now he's an International Bestseller about to complete a series and not even in his thirties yet!

-Finally, I think I may have posted this before, but it still blows my mind, so I'm posting again.  Artist still unknown for these stunning book sculptures that have mysteriously appeared in Scottish Libraries.  More here.

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