Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Saturday Link Salad

I have been slightly negligent in my news perusal folks.  I'll admit it.  I have been sidetracked by the complications of used car buying and designing a wedding dress for a good friend.  Alas, excuses, excuses! I know!  But I have a hand full of things to pass on, so read forth!

-News the first is almost not news so much as "in case you were in a coma this week".  The Hunger Games debuted their trailer at long last, it was certainly much better than I had been warily anticipating, however the hubby was not as impressed as me.  What were your thoughts?

-In further movie news, Tim Burton is in early talks to direct Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children.  That sounds like it has oodles of potential.  I bet Ransom Riggs is excited!

-Ann Patchett is making a leap and opening a Bookstore!  The Nashville store named Parnassus Books certainly won't hurt from the tremendous amount of worldwide publicity Ann Patchett's name brings to the table.  Most interesting about this tale, to me anyhow, is the tiny resurgence in new bookstores in light of the Borders tumble in the states.  Lets hope this leads to a successful influx of indie bookstores in the next few years.

-Speaking of e versus paper sales, Inheritance has proved that folks still value the solid paper book in the UK.  It's sales were the largest first week sale (all formats) since the Bree Tanner book of Stephanie Meyers in the UK.  Even with it being available for free online!  I am currently eating my way through Inheritance and thoroughly loving it, is it on your TBR pile?

-The Boston Globe had an intriguing article talking about how YA is outpacing Adult book sales. The article looks back at the trend as much as how its happening now which is interesting, and also talks about the elusive cross over novel.

-Finally, thinking of buying yourself or someone else a little ebook reading treat this yuletide season? PW has done a comparative article about the now vast selection of tablets out there.

Alright, now I need a caffeinated beverage to go with this Saturday morning!
Happy Saturday!

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