Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shhh! I'm reading!

I know, I've been quiet lately.  But I'm reading Inheritance!! And it is painful to stop for other things, but it is loooooong, lovely readers.

Also I have been absorbed in the complicated process of buying my first car, and getting my first plates.  All in a province that has funny rules completely at odds with those I know from Saskatchewan.  I have also discovered it is pointless being crazy organized if all those around you are confused and disorganized.

It has been trying.

However!! By tomorrow I shall have plates and able to drive my new-to-me car all over the place, and once I have, I will become bored and come home to read more, and then I promise to blog again.  I swear.
Though by then it might be Friday.

You'll still love me by Friday right?


  1. Oooohhhhh how exciting! Good luck with car and all that, and I look forward to reading Inheritance as well at some point on the Kindle.

  2. I"m pretty excited! Think of all the places I can go quickly now! Like lunch with you!!
    Inheritance would definitely be easier to read on the Kindle, I think I've killed nerves in my shoulder from dragging it around in my purse.
    1.1kg according to Amazon's shipping weight!!

  3. Yikes. Almost as big as a Game of Thrones book ;) ALSO I may be home the week of Dec 5th and if so would love to do lunch :D

  4. Yup, huge!
    It's a date, email me upon arrival and we'll gorge on chocolate cupcakes and catch up.

  5. I have yet to read the Eragon books! Seeing everyone reading it on the subway tells me I'm clearly doing something wrong. That, along with the Hunger Games are definitely on my to-read!

    Ps - Cute post! My blog gets abandoned when I'm in the middle of a good book too. You kind of want to write a "THIS IS SO GOOD!" post just to show everyone you're still there lol. Take time and savour it =)

    New follower (Chels @