Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goliath, by Scott Westerfeld- Review

Oh Alek, Deryn, and of course Bovril how I love you. I love you so much I made the hubby get up at 6am during the BEA to get tickets to the Scott Westerfeld signing so that I could get Goliath early and signed.  But then I didn't want it to be over and I held out till almost two months after it was published before reading it!

For starters, all the things I want to say, I can't without mega spoilage. Sigh.  So share your spoilery views in the comments and make me happy people because I want to talk about it!

The last of the Leviathan trilogy, Goliath was a great ending.  It had plenty of intrigue, drama and tension, but it also made great work of tying up some pretty impossible seeming loose ends.  The hubby and I disagreed about how one of the *spoilery* bits was tied off (I was surprised but happy with where Scott took it, hubby was disappointed) but alas, I can't say more than that (unless you comment!! please, please comment!).  All the same the hubby and I were in agreement that this was an outstanding trilogy, and Goliath was a very satisfying conclusion to it.

In my reviews for both Levithan and Behemoth I gush about the art, the lingo, the characters and the world building, and it all remains truly fantastic in Goliath.  Scott Westerfeld has built an impressive world and populated it with everything it needed to be engrossing and simultaneously delightful.  I laughed out loud repeatedly, but was still totally caught up in the page turning tension.  I couldn't recommend this trilogy enough, it has something for everyone, the history buff, the steampunk lover, the fantasy fanatic or someone who's just looking for something different.  So if one of them are on your list this year make sure to consider gifting them at least part one of this trilogy (though be kind and give the whole thing, my mom doled out 1 Harry Potter book a year for a couple of years and it was torture).

Goliath, by Scott Westerfeld
Published by Simon Pulse, September 2011
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  1. I loved this series too. Goliath ended it well.
    I really thought he brought Deryn and Aec together romantically in a way that wasn't forced or weird. Alec had plenty of time to adjust to the idea and realize he really loved her. And Deryn is a great female heroine. She didn't let her love for Alec stop her from living her life.

  2. Oh and thanks for adding a mobile format!

  3. Yah, you know I NEVER actually expected them to get together, but I really liked how they did. The hubby of course thought it was lame (he loathes any romantic plot), but he's a boy so his opinion on these things are badly tainted by all that testosterone.
    I liked that the end was just another big possibility of adventure too, nothing really nailed down.

  4. Deryn is the best character I have ever read about in a book. I love her uniqueness and her dynamic personality. Scott made it seem like she was a real person!