Sunday, December 25, 2011

Inheritance, by Christopher Paolini- Review

Inheritance was one of those books I'd been waiting for, what felt like ages.  First there was the false trail, when Brisinger came out but it wasn't the last book.  Trilogy turned quartets are very, very frustrating when you don't realize it's happened until 100 pages from the end when you start thinking, wait a minute....this isn't wrapping up.  Then there was the embargoed release of Inheritance, meaning I had to wait extra long to get my copy since it was being delivered. Torture.

But the long wait was worth it, I dug in right after arrival at my door and lost myself in the world and the story for a significant amount of time (1.1kgs shipping weight worth of time).

I have to start by saying that as far as all four of the books go, Inheritance isn't the strongest.  I enjoyed it, it wrapped up all the loose ends and got the job done, but it didn't feel as story driven as the previous three books.  Inheritance felt more as if Paolini was straining to get from point A to point B without stretching this baby into a fifth book.  Did I mention it was 1.1kgs, and 880 pages?  Obviously it was a close call.

However I did like how he wrapped the ultimate parts of the story.  The build up to the BIG FIGHT, the actual big fight and finally meeting Galbtorix were great moments.

Paolini was always very true to a Lord of the Rings style formula, and he definitely stayed true to that, all way to the 20 000 different endings.  There was easily 100 pages or more of wrapping up what all the varying characters go on to do.  It felt a little unnecessary to me, but will satisfy the die-hard readers who like it all neatly wrapped out.

If I'm going to take umbrage with any of Inheritance it's going to be the death toll.  I won't say if it's too many or not enough (don't want to spoil it for you!), but suffice it to say it wasn't what I was expecting.  I also didn't love the final answer to Araya, my impression all along was that the elves were not a people who easily changed and yet I feel like she made a big one that went against her personality.

Lets face it, very few endings are perfect when it comes to an epic series.  And if Inheritance wasn't perfect then it also wasn't a disappointment.  Nobody is going to be sold on this series by the final book but they were never supposed to be.  All in all the four books are an epic and impressive story told for a first time author, let alone one as young as Paolini.  If you haven't read any of it yet then what are you waiting for?  Go forth and steep yourself in his fantasy world!

Inheritance, book 4 of the Eragon series, by Christopher Paolini
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers, November 2011
My copy kindly provided by the publisher
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