Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last Saturday Link Salad of 2011- with bonus Giveaway winners!

Hellllllloooooo out there! Are you stuffed full of delicacies and starting to get bored with your new toys yet? Or are you like me and trying to eck every last drop of holiday goodness out of the year by sitting around in your robe as long as possible, reading and eating chocolate for breakfast? Either way I hope your ready for the news because I've sat on a couple of weeks worth (who wanted news on Christmas eve after all?) and there's a bundle!

-Stephen King announced, awhile back, that he was throwing another book into his completed Dark Tower series. Well it now has a release date, title and cover! The Wind Through the Keyhole comes out April 24th 2012 and is available for pre-order on Simon Schusters website.

-Lauren Oliver and her UK publisher have a gift for Delirium fans- a spin off short story about Lena's friend Hana. Head over to Lauren's site for details and the link to the short story and excerpt.

-If any of you are like me then you regularly supplement your cookbooks with online recipe searches that often lead me to Allrecipes and Epicurious. Then it might interest you to know that there is currently a bidding war on for Readers Digests Allrecipes site. Latest news is that Random House has put in an offer as well. The good news of course is that with all this interest the site will obviously not die! Thank goodness, where else will I go when I suddenly decide I need to make blackberry compote on Christmas Eve morning and have no idea what to put in it?!

-Scholastic has announced their next major series (now that 39 clues has wrapped up) and it involves some pretty big names. The Infinity Ring is going to be a 7 part series with a online component, written by James Dashner, Carrie Ryan, Lisa McMann, Matt de la Peña, Matthew Kirby and Jennifer A. Nielsen. The crazy part? The books will come out every two to four months starting in September. I'm still not sold on the book/online experience since I enjoy the reading on the couch/train/coffee break/outside thing, but I can see how the ereader is changing that for kids, and this series has a cool sounding premise.

-With 2012 just around the corner, have you started thinking about your holidays for the upcoming year? If so you might want to check out the Huffington Post's article on the 10 most beautiful libraries and bookstores in the world. Because, let me tell you, a bookish holiday rocks!

- Figment has an awesome Fracture writing contest up! There are three medical phenomena to pick from to write about, and the top ten most popular entries will be judged by author Megan Miranda herself! So if you're a writer make sure to head over and throw your talent into the ring, but if not make sure to stop by and read the cool entries popping up every day!

-Cassandra Clare has been all over the interwebs with teasers, spoilers and oodles of info about Clockwork Prince and City of Lost Souls. Here's a sampling:

*On why Tessa can't tell Will her feelings.

*On why Will doesn't notice Jem and Tessa's feelings.

*More about that blasted love triangle, man she's riled people up apparently.

*Clockwork Princess teasers (courtesy Mundie Mom's) from tourney wins.

*Second Clockwork Princess teaser from the second tourney win.

*The first of two City of Lost Souls teasers (courtesy of Mundie Mom's, cause there is only so much time I can spend on Twitter people!). Simon and Izzy, also from tourney wins (the YA sisterhood tourney).

*The second of two City of Lost Souls teasers, this one is Jace and Clary

*finally an unidentified snippet involving that evil Sebastian.

-And last but not least we have a winner for the Midwinters Eve Hop!! Congratulations to Holly L, you'll be receiving an email from author Kelly Green with your ebook soon! Congratulations!

Now go forth and party like it's the end of 2011! See you next year!!

Late addition! This is why you do not ignore emails for weeks at a time!

-Amy Garvey has announced a sequel to Cold Kiss during an interview with Down the Rabbit Hole.


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