Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

So I have had one day of sleeping in to recuperate from the LONGEST week ever.  And this morning I slept in a little bit before the neighbours started harassing us about things that had nothing to do with us, and coincidentally, were happening prior to 9:30am. Ugh.  But best of all I've drummed up a little bit of this weeks news!  I dug around on Twitter and such to catch up as best as I could and I've brought you treats.  So unlike me, I hope you have a nice warm coffee in your hands (see my sad eyes?? I have no coffee in the house, it's a CRISIS I tell you!) and you're ready to dig in.

-This week I read, and fell desperately in love with Megan Miranda's Fracture.  It doesn't come out until January but you can join me in my fandom by checking out the first 32 pages on her Facebook page!  Let me just say, I was in love with Decker and Delaney by page three and by page 11 I was trying not  sob on the subway, in public.  Go forth and enjoy thoroughly, I'll have my review up later this week.
Then, if you still need more, which you will (trust me), there's a note on the inspiration for Fracture by Megan up at

-If you're anything like me then you're madly anticipating Clockwork Prince's release this Tuesday.  In the gear up towards release time Publishers Weekly had an interesting article about Cassandra Clare's online presence and what it does for her books.

-Speaking of Cassandra Clare, she's released a one line COLS teasers for Clary's win on the YA Heroine Tournament.

-Scholastic Canada is having a Facebook contest called the  “The Twelve Days of Scholastic Canada Christmas”, each day from Dec 5th-16th they are giving away fall titles.  The contest starts on Monday December 5th, so be sure to head over and "like" their facebook page early so you're ready! announced Thursday that Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone may be hitting the big screen.  Apparently Paramount is in talks to acquire it to the tune of 700,000$.  I have to say I'm always leery of fantasy films being turned into movies, but this one could be cool if it was done right.

-Speaking of movie news!  Cherie Priest has sold the rights to her first Clockwork Century book, Boneshaker!  I loved this story (see my review), and the folks attached to the sale are very, very promising.  In fact the hubby and I had just watched the trailer for The Woman in Black (with Daniel Radcliffe) that morning and been suitably impressed.

-This bit of news is from a couple of weeks ago, shame on me, I know! Anywho- The admirable illustrator behind Scott Westerfelds Leviathan books, Keith Thompson, turns out to be Canadian!  I know, cool right?  Steampunk Canada had a short little interview with him that was fun.

-Finally there's an amazing auction going on right now for author Terri Windling.  A whole variety of authors, agents and others are putting up some once in a lifetime things (awesome holiday gifts people!!) which include:  A one of a kind Short fiction about your favourite Cassandra Clare character, written for you by Cassie herself,  Holly Black has offered a character in Coldtown to be named by or after you,
Lunch or Dinner with the amazing Tamora Pierce, A signed Brian Froud watercolour, Lunch with Barry Goldblatt (he's a foodie and will pick up the bill!!), multiple Melissa Marr offerings, critiques by various editors, signed Alan Lee prints and books, a one of a kind illustration of your pet made fantastical by Theo Black and more! Check out the whole website, and make sure to have Kleenex handy for the drool.

Now go forth and Saturday on!

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