Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

Before bed last night I started the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and lets just say I've barely been able to do anything else- including this.
So I've dragged myself away to give you a few tidbits (of which I was hardly thorough this week but hey, I have reading to get back to!).

-First up, if you're like me, you recently tore through your copy of Clockwork Prince and are eager for all the extra tidbits Cassie's been sprinkling all over the interwebs since it's release.  Goodreads did an interview with her yesterday, you should be able to see the recorded version here, though I watched it live so I'm not entirely sure it works.  However, she gives many many little tidbits out on her tumbler feed. On Will/Jem/Tessa love triangle, on Tessa and Nate, on how Will feels about Tessa, on Wills sarcasm.  

- Once you've had your fill then head on over to Mundie Mom's who are sharing the first chapter of Clockwork Prince's audio book for free.  Perfect timing since I was just thinking I'd like to do the Clockwork Angel audio book and break my audio book virginity.

-Then, in the last bit of Cassie Clare news, Izzy won a round of the Heroine Tournament, so a small CoLS teaser has gone up.

-The most exciting piece of news for the week, for me anyhow, was that not only did Scott Westerfeld commission one last piece of art work for the Leviathan series (just for us die hard fans), but he also wrote a 3000 word piece of fan fiction to go with it!  Nothing says christmas like bonus material for beloved books!

- If you want to get something a little different for someone this year, why not consider the Authors against animal abuse auction happening over on Christine Johnsons Books site.  Lots of great stuff with money going to an even better cause.

- Finally, if you ever wanted to get you manuscript critiqued by the agent of one of your favourite authors then do I ever have the contest for you!
Head over to BookWish for full details, but you could have your manuscript critiqued by one of the following:
Laura Langlie, Meg Cabots agent, Nancy Gallt, Jeanne DuPrau's agent, Brenda Bowen Karen Hesse's agent, Ann M. Martin winner of the Newbery Honor for  A Corner of the Universe, Cynthia Voight (one of my favourites from my teen reading days! Izzy Willy Nilly anyone?) or Francisco X. Stork who wrote The Last Summer of the Death Warriors.

Now go forth and Saturday on Christmas style!
I have a book to read!

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