Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forever, by Maggie Stiefvater- Review

Forever was quite possibly when I completely and irrevocably fell in love with this series.  Without a doubt it is the book when the style I so loved in The Scorpio Races was defined in all of it's infinite glory.  May Maggie Stiefvater write many wonderful masterpieces for all the days left in me to read them.  Well, I suppose you too.

If any character made this book for me it was without a doubt Cole.  And I can almost truthfully say that the scenes she leaves unsaid are as good as the ones she doesn't.  I say almost because I love the style of it but the fan girl in me wants to know goddamn it!  It's almost magical how she makes me fall for a new character in every book. Of course Isabel continues to also rock, and Sam acquires a new level of depth I appreciated as well, but COLE!!

" You-you're from..." my mother started.  she squinted at him. I waited for her to say NARKOTIKA, though I'd never imagined her a fan.  But she said,  "The boy from the stairs.  From the house.  The naked one.  Isabel, when I said I didn't want you to do this in the house, I didn't mean to take it to the clinic.  Why are you under the counter? Oh I don't want to know.  I just don't."
I didn't really have anything to say.
My mother rubbed one of her eyebrows with a hand that was holding a closely printed form.  "God, where is your car?"
"Across the road," I said.
"Of course it is." She shook her head.  "I am not telling your father I saw you here, Isabel.  Just, please, do not..."  She didn't define what I was supposed to avoid doing.   Instead, she threw my half-drunk bottle of juice in the trash can by the door, and turned the light out again.  Her shoes receded down the hallway and then there was the popping of the outside door opening and closing.  The clunk of the dead bolt.
In the darkness, Cole was invisible, but I could still feel him beside me.  Sometimes you didn't have to see something to know it was there.
I felt a tickle on my skin; it took me a moment to realize that Cole was driving his die-cast Mustang up my arm.  He was laughing to himself, hushed and infectious, as if there was still any reason to be quiet.
Well and obviously Cole and Isabel.

You know when in the final scenes of Harry Potter, while reading you wanted to simultaneously sob, jump up and down and cheer, laugh and then sob some more?  Well Forever was a quieter version of that for me.  Honestly, such a clean lined and perfect tie up to the series. 100% satisfaction, right down to the last word.  I loved how open ended it was in so many ways, all the possibilities stretching out in front of the characters.  But I also loved the drama, the moments of selflessness and the reveals, oh yes, the reveals.

I CANNOT recommend this series highly enough.  I can almost bemoan the fact that I didn't read it sooner (hell I could have talked to Maggie about it and gotten it signed! Sigh); however it was such an amazing thing to sit down with the whole box set in the post Christmas cold, with a fire in the fire place and just get swept away that my regrets are small.  Mostly signature tiny.

Go forth and read this series! Go forth and re-read this series!  Then go forth and read The Scorpio Races!  I'm telling you, if you listen to one recommendation I make this grand year of 2012, listen to that one (Oh and the one for Fracture, Fracture makes an oddly compelling companion to the Shiver series.  And they're all 5 of them cold weather books.  And maybe read them to Snow Patrols new album, I think Maggie would agree).

Forever, By Maggie Stiefvater
Published by Scholastic, July 12th 2011
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  1. Wait wait wait the ending? You liked? I can't remember exact details now just remember feeling slightly let down for some reason. But yeah, Cole and Isabel. Loooooooove them both.

  2. YAY!! yes Cole and Isabel are awesomesauce. Was part of the live chat this evening with Maggie and she said that Cole was one of her fav characters to write.
    hmmm, maybe because it's pretty open? I liked that about the end though, something nice about having the future open to interpretation and not all spelled out. But maybe it was the way Cole and Isabel left off? They were WAY open ended.
    Seriously dug those books though. I am so giving you the Scorpio Races on ebook!

  3. I think I wanted a bit more on Cole and Isabel yeah. And maybe it seemed too... perfect somehow? I dunno. The perfectness on one hand and lack of any ending for Cole and Isabel clearly don't add up, two VERY different ideas in my head, lol, but there you have it. I felt she just took the easy route instead of writing a full ending. heh

  4. Loved the whole series, but Forever is my favorite these are characters I will miss! Much better story than some of the more popular ones out. Someone needs to make the series into a movie.
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