Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plugged, by Eoin Colfer- Review

One of the major highlights at the BEA for me was meeting Eoin Colfer.  I LOVE the Artemis Fowl books, and couldn't wait to meet the witty Irish author.  Of course I got totally tongue tied and made a bit of a goob of myself so thankfully the hubby swept in and saved the day.  The good news was despite making a bit of starstruck fool of myself I still came away with a signed copy of his latest book Plugged.

The hubby got around to reading it before me and loved it, but I didn't get manage to start reading it until the end of August when I flew home for the last week of my grandmas life.  Not really ideal circumstances for reading.  Yes it's good in that you need a solid escape, but bad in that it really has to be a certain kind of escape and Plugged was just a bit two down and dirty for distracting me from long days in the hospital and then funeral planning.  So let me just preface the review by saying I greatly enjoyed Plugged, but under regular reading circumstances I think I would have LOVED it, so I'm definitely going to give it a second read later on.

Daniel McEvoy is ex-Irish army peacekeeping corps, bouncer in a scuzzy club, and riddled with issues about his receding hairline and recent hair implants; not your usual James Bond type.  Dealing with the clubs less than charming clientele, a crazy neighbor, and fussing over his plugs are keeping him sufficiently busy, until his buddy Zeb disappears leaving a trail of mob issues in his wake.  With friends disappearing or turning up dead all over the place it looks like it’s time for Daniel to dig out the guns he’s hidden in the walls of his apartment and come to the rescue.

With Plugged, Eoin Colfer proved he can be as funny with adult material as he is with his middle-school books.  The byline to this book is “If you loved Artemis Fowl…It’s time to grow up”, which perfectly describes Plugged, a book that could easily be Artemis’s seedy, much older, dark comedy cousin.  It hints at just how wonderfully versatile Eoin Colfer can be, that he can write such opposite books but keep his trade mark intelligent wit.

Besides the excellent noir humor, the book excels in twisting plot lines.  The string of trouble Daniel is either getting into, or getting out of, left me scratching my head right up until the big reveal at the end.  I could easily see this turning into a series of the misadventures of Daniel McEvoy so hopefully there's more down the road.

A read I would definitely categorize with favourites such as a The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie, and Once A Spy by Keith Thomson, Plugged would make an awesome gift for the manly readers in your household.  I hear Valentines is a good day for bookish gifts.

Plugged, by Eoin Colfer
Published by Overlook Press (Penguin in Canada), September 2011
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