Friday, January 6, 2012

Proof that shoe obsessions are not just a girly thing- Feline Fridays

Yes. That is Thurman wearing a shoe.  And a leopard print one at that.
Thurman really likes shoes.  In fact three of my four cats have a shoe obsession.
And only one of them is a girl.
Besides wearing shoes, Baxter and Deliah have developed quite a fondness for the forest of boots next to the front door.  I will not share a picture of that, as I am embarrassed by the forest of boots. 
Not one of my finer decor moments.
Suffice it to say, all my boots and shoes are decidedly hairy these days.
Nothing like sticky rolling your shoes before wearing them.

New Years Resolution- Put shoes and boots away.
Poor kitties.  


  1. Cute kitty! I wonder how they will look in one of my Alegria clogs.

  2. I'm not sure what a foot doctor would say about wearing sticky, hairy shoes. Your cats are adorable, though!