Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Saturday Link Salad!!

Even if you remove all the blogger vs. author review drama, it's still been a crazy busy week in the Blogosphere.  As concerning books anyhow.
So let me not waste your time with banter.  Link onwards!

-If you are anything like me then Good Omens is one of your favourite funny reads.  And if you haven't read it yet, seriously, what are you waiting for?  Either way you're going to love this. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett wrote out New Year's resolutions of from the perspective of the demon Crowley and the angelic Aziraphale.

-In the ongoing vein of New Years posts, Brenna Yovanaoff is wishing you a happy one and offering free books.  What better way to ring in 2012 right?  Well... they might not be english, but don't let that spoil it for you!

-Julie Kagawa has released a scoop on possible Iron Fey spin offs to celebrate reaching 900 followers on facebook.  Want to know what it is? become follower 901.

-Remember Chris Columbus?  You know, the dude who directed the first two Harry Potter instalments?  Well Shelf Life announced earlier this week that he has co-authored a three part fantasy series for Middle-schoolers with author Ned Vizzini.  First book is coming 2013.

-Rick Riordan announced that a sneak peak at Kane Chronicles part three and the cover reveal are going to happen at 10pm EST on Monday the 9th on Rock Centre with Brian Williams.  I've never heard of it...have you?  Regardless, hopefully it'll show up on the intertubes shortly thereafter!

-Speaking of cover reveals, City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare was let loose this week.  Unless you live under a rock you've likely seen it already.  Much is being said about how gorgeous it is.  Is it just me, or is the Clary model a bit funny looking?  Right, thought so. Just me.   Anyhoots, loved the prologue! Heart wrenchingly Simon centric.

-More evil sneak peeks.  This time Michelle Hodkin has a tortuous teaser for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyers sequel.

-Possibly the biggest sneak peek of the week, and I can't look at it because I'm STILL not caught up!!  G. R. R. Martin has released a chapter from the Winds of Winter.

-The Story Siren had the pleasure of announcing the new cover for Holly Blacks Curse Workers series.  I like the new covers but am geekishly annoyed about how my set won't match anymore. Grrr.

-The New York Times made a visit to Christopher Paolini's "Dragon Lair" i.e.- his apartment over his parents garage.  You'll be amused by what a fanboy/family guy Christopher is at 28 years of age and oodles of fame.  I wonder, does his mom still cook his meals?

-I know you're likely sick of hearing it, but I loved debut author Megan Miranda's book Fracture.  Seriously. Loved it.  So every time I see something about her or the book I dive in.  But this is one of the best bits I've found.  Megan on writing a Book.  If you're like me (and apparently Megan), then you used to be an avid writer.  You grew up thinking you would be a writer.  And then life comes along and you become something else (my family spent many years drumming into me that writing wasn't a living), and suddenly you find you haven't written anything in years.  So I love a good story about someone who surmounts this.  Hey, maybe I will too one day!

-I am currently completely and belatedly caught up in Maggie Steifvaters Shiver series.  Thank god because I could not have stood for the wait between Linger and Forever!  So I'm pretty excited to read her post on the most asked questions for December- soon, just in case there's a spoiler in there somewhere!

-i09 had an amusing post this week about what Twilight would be like if it was written by other famous authors.  If you are or have been an english major- this is especially funny.

-Alrighty, and since it's a day ending in Y I have a whole load of Cassie Clareage for you!
   -answers on Magnus and Woolsey
   -more answers about Will
   -answers questions about that cover release (her favourite)
   -CoLS teaser with Alec and Clary
   -insanely good but brief Clockwork Princess spoiler
   -unidentified Jace snippet
   - And finally an article Cassie wrote for the Wall Street Journal called the Secret World Teens Hide from Adults

Are you exhausted yet?? Well you should be, I am! Keep you eyes peeled for one other special bit from Cassie Clare in the next few days.  Clary won her last big tourney so there will be the greenhouse scene from Jace's perspective on it's way.  Otherwise Saturday on!

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