Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

Well it's the fault of The Fault in our Stars that today is Sunday Link Salad instead of yesterday, but likewise it could be said to be Twitters fault for pointing me to The Fault in our Stars as THE book for me to not miss last Tuesday.  However, I am here with much news for you!  So pull up a comfy chair and dig in.

-Loads of covers revealed this week!  First up was the cover for Rick Riordan's final part to the Kane Chronicles, another awesome John Rocco cover.  Rick also announced the release of a book of short stories based in Percy Jackson's world, including one from his son Haley.  Disney also announced that The Serpent's Shadow would have a 2 million copy first print run.  Can't wait for the May release date?  Then stop by the Kane Chronicles website for a preview of the first chapter.

-Jonathan Maberry's next Rot and Ruin book- Flesh and Bone had it's cover reveal on Facebook this week as well.  I love how those three covers are going to look together!

-Barry Lyga's I Hunt Killers has also had a cover reveal, including glowing blurbs along the back from Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Joe Hill and Libba Bray.  More importantly I think he's amazing, and you should always trust me about these things- you want this book when it releases in April.

- During Christmas I continued falling in love with Maggie Steifvaters writing through the Shiver trilogy.  Seriously, she's definitely one of my top 5 authors these days.  Anywho, there were two great Maggie interweb things this week.  First up she posted a blog entitled the Dissection of Revisions, showing a chapter from The Scorpio Races and how it looked before and after revisions.  Super interesting.  Also Scholastic announced that she'll be hosting a live chat with her on Facebook on Wednesday!

-Remember awhile back when I was pointing you to the announcement of the Espresso Book machinesWell this week HarperCollins launched a backlist/POD program available at all the store who have started using the Espresso Book Machine.  There are currently 9 stores in the US who'll have the machine and will now be able to print you you're own fresh copy of their backlist books!  This may be one of the coolest innovations for bookstores in quite some time, I can't wait to see how it'll work out.

-Speaking of bookstores, a small indie in my very own T.O. has made huge waves across the interwebs with its delightful Joy of Books video.  I cringe to think how long it took the owners to do this, but it's obviously well worth the effort.  Plus, Type- the store in question, is a very sweet bookstore, I highly recommend it.

-If you're a fan of Lev Grossman's The Magician's and The Magician King, then he has good news for you.  He has the scripts for the T.V. show and he's thrilled.  I saw him speaking at the IFOA in the fall and at the time he was saying he had no idea what they were going to do with it, so it's good to hear it's going in a promising direction.

-Ok, and it would not be a Link Salad if I didn't have a handful of Cassandra Clare tidbits for you!
      -Most exciting was  The Greenhouse scene from Jace's POV!  Yes, the tourney was won and within just a couple of days she had this lovely scene written for her fans.  Obviously she loves us.

Are your fingers and eyes aching yet? Then I've done my job.  Sunday on!

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