Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Saturday Link Salad

Helllllooooo out there! So I hear Friday has come and gone, and I- in a state of creative output- missed it.  Since Thurman, among others, found the time to lend me a paw yesterday I thought I'd share it as a consolation prize, and promise something better for next week.

You see for a couple of months I've been designing a wedding dress for a good friend of mine from high school.  We spent a fare amount of time widdling down a design (she wants something simple but elegant), and just two weeks ago we landed on the winner and picked the fabric.  So now I'm making what's called the muslin, which is essentially one of several rough drafts of the dress to work out the fit and the lines of the design.  Once that's been worked out to where I'm happy with it, it gets mailed out to England for Karen to try on for fit and to make sure it's shaped how she likes it.  Then it ships back to me and I get to work on the high end beaded lace we're using and make her a wedding dress.  Nothing makes me quite as happy as when I'm in my studio sewing, so it's been great, but distracting!  And thanks to Maggie Stiefvater posting her top 15 music recommendations for 2011, and that lovely ipod upgrade I got for Christmas it has been even more pleasant then usual (I'm so lazy about finding new music, so I just listen to the same stuff over and over until someone says -here, listen to this!).

Anywho,  this has been what's eating up my time off of late, and what will continue to do so for awhile yet.

But you came for PUBLISHING and BOOK news, am I right?  So without further ado:

-Ahh there has been much furor on the interwebs of late.  Bloggers being mean spirited in reviews, agents and authors and friends of said people are getting mean spirited in return and then suddenly world war 750 of Bloggers vs Authors has erupted as arguments ensue about everything under the sun to do with posting reviews about books.  MUCH has been said, but I found CuddleBuggery's post on the whole episode funny, informative (if you missed something) and a really a nice concluding piece to the whole fiasco.  Time to move on to the next argument folks.

-Saundra Mitchell, author of The Vespertine and the forthcoming Springsweet, wrote an intriguing article about writing for Distraction no.99.  I like how she talks about chasing a dream for so long that by the time you catch it, it doesn't suit your life anymore.

-Holly Black posted a great blog about her new covers, why they've changed, how that sucks and an excerpt from Black Heart to help you get over your disappointment that your set won't match.

-Scholastic tweeted this amazing plot sheet from JK Rowling the other day.  I'm not sure where it's come from or how I haven't seen it before but it's a fascinating look at her careful plot planning.

-The cover to Simon Toynes sequel to Sanctus has been revealed.  It's called the Key and releases June 19th!

-Veronica Roth (author of Divergent) has posted a neat blog about the process from start to finish of getting published.  As all things it's fascinating to see behind the scenes how things run.

-Stephen Kings The Wind Through the Keyhole has had a cover redesign.  To celebrate there's a facebook contest to get your face used in a mosaic to make the cover image.  Weird right? Or is that just me?  Anyhow, toddle on over for the chance to win.

- Finally, it's been a week with 7 days, and that means I have some Cassandra Clare tidbits for you.  Shocking right?
   -1st unidentified snippet of the Clockwork variety.
   -2nd unidentified snippet of the unidentified variety.
   - An explanation on the Law about Parabati not falling in love.
   -And some answers and spoilers about Tessa and Jem.

And now folks, I'm off to do some sewing! May your weekend be delightful and full of bookish wonder!  Saturday on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these links and good luck with the wedding dress!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out