Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

I've been a busy bee in the kitchen today, I've been so productive I almost forgot I still needed to post my copious news from the week!  So here it is, dig in and news up.

-It's been the week of cover reveals and title announcements.  First up was Kody Keplinger's newest A Midsummer's Nightmare.  You guessed it, she's playing on A Midsummer's Night Dream this time and it releases in June.  But you want to read it now right? Then head over to Kody's blog for a chance to win an ARC.

-Laini Taylor has finally released a tidbit about book two of her fabulous Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy.  It has a title!  Check out her blog for the big reveal, I have to say, I like it.

-Tessa Gratton has a new cover for her wonderful book Blood Magic.   I like it because it's less gender oriented then the original cover, and it was such a great book that I wouldn't want anyone to not read it because it looked to girly.  Sadly we still have to wait until August for the sequel!

-If you find yourself in San Marcos Texas between now and July you'll have to make sure to check out Riordan Exhibit.  Rick Riordan has been donating all his archives to them for years apparently, and now they've put the wide assortment of paraphernalia on display!  Sadly I'll be nowhere near, so if you go make sure to stop in and tell me about it!

-If you're an aspiring writer living in Ontario, Kelly Armstrong is running her Writing Dark Fantasy course again.  It's an intensive week long course aimed at those serious about getting published.  Honestly, every year I see her post about this and I heave a big sigh- I want to take this course!  It sounds like an amazing experience.

-It was announced this week that the BBC (Book Blogger Convention) was bought by Reed Exhibitions the organizers of the BEA.  An impressive achievement for Trish Collins and Michelle Franz, the creators and organizers behind BBC the first two years of its existence.  Also a huge jump in the importance of bloggers to the book industry in general.

-Finally what kind of week would it be if I didn't provide you with Cassie's tidbits for the week?
  -First up is a crazy unidentified snippet involving Jace.
  -And a totally mysterious (Jem maybe?) unidentified snippet

Alrighty, now I'm off to do some baking! Chocolate ho!

Happy Saturday all!

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