Friday, February 10, 2012

Finding your forever love this Valentines- Feline Fridays

Oh I know, you love Valentines/you hate Valentines, it depresses you or you love the gluttony of candy and chocolates (who needs a significant other for that I ask you?!), whatever the case you have a strong opinion one way or the other.  I've always enjoyed it, but I came from a single parent family where it was always about buying those you love some little treat they'll love and giving thoughtful cards and treats to all your friends.  Mom would buy me drawing supplies and I'd buy her turtles.  My grandparents would come to town and we'd all go out for a fancy dinner together and get things like steak and dessert and it would feel exotic and fun.  And don't get me started on the hours spent on the cards!

But a couple of years someone suggested the single best Valentines idea I've ever heard, taking the day to find your forever fuzzy (or scaly if that's your preference) soul mate.  Lets face it, nobody will love you as thoroughly, single-mindedly and devotedly as your pets, nobody.  It's a romantic thought that's captured my heart ever since.  Imagine adopting a lonely little cat, dog, bunny, reptile etc on Valentines and spending the night or day getting to know the new love of your life?

Every town or city has a bevy of animal rescue groups, Humane Societies or Animal Control organizations that are always in desperate need of folks to adopt or foster.  I thought I'd take today's Feline Friday to introduce you to some of Toronto's available loves.

From Annex Cat Rescue (where I found my furry loves, Deliah, Baxter and Thurman):

Meet Violet, she's a bit shy but once she warms up to you it's all belly rubs.  She's 2 years old, and obviously beautiful.

Meet Shehera, a tiny little thing, Shehera is a super cuddly and friendly girl who loves to squeak to her humans.

Meet 4 month old Zooey she's playful, cuddly and good with others! Hey your cat could use a Valentine too.

Meet brothers Max and Pumpkin.  Feisty and loving, why not adopt yourself two Valentines?

To adopt any of these rascals, Please leave a message at 416-410-3835 or email Annex Cat Rescue at and leave your phone number and the best time to reach you.

From Toronto Cat Rescue (where I found my furry love Cheddar Cheese):

Meet Mariah a quiet, genteel lady who's looking for someone to play with.

Meet Louis, a Valentines baby himself, is incredibly affectionate and dedicated. Love children and other animals.  I mean look at that face!

Meet Grey Bear, a lovely little lady who likes some companionship but is also a self entertaining busy bee.

To adopt from Toronto Cat Rescue Please call the TCR Hotline – 416-538-8592 (press 1 for adoptions and leave a message). for a pre-adoption interview. 

Now what could be better than taking home one of these beauties this weekend or on Valentines Day proper?  I'm telling you, if you're looking for love you won't find anyone who'll love you as unconditionally as a pet.

Happy early Valentines day!