Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Anne Rice pre-Valentines Evening!

In the past couple of years I've met some incredible authors.  Epic folk who's work I LOVE.  Rick Riordan (multiple times!), Eoin Colfer, Suzanne Collins, Libba Bray, and so many others, but this past Monday night I got to meet someone I've been reading for easily 17 years.  Anne Rice.

Can I just say, growing up in Saskatoon where no authors ever come, the idea of ever meeting these people was totally foreign to me.  So whenever I read about her crazy events, where she arrived in hearse, and popped out of a coffin (I tell no lies, she has done this), I was envious but never really pictured meeting her.  Thus it was a very perfect pre-valentines excursion for the hubby and I to head out to the Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library for cocktails, an Interview with Anne Rice by CBC's Mary Hynes and a signing.  All for her new book The Wolf Gift.

Did I mention that the very first movie the hubby and I ever went to together (maybe our third date?) was Queen of the Damned?  It was terrible, but proof we had something in common (which in the early days seemed somewhat unlikely), we both read Anne Rice.  At that point in time it might have been the only books we had both read since he loved horror and Stephen King and I loved classic lit, and Michael Ondaatje.

For starters, I have to say the Appel Salon is a genius idea.  A gorgeous room, on the second floor of a library that's getting more and more gorgeous itself as renovations progress.  It offered a lovely venue for a substantial number of people to come and comfortably watch an interview with an author they love.  Which, since normally you're lined up winding through book stacks, at a local Indigo, is an incredible improvement.  Comfy seats, wine and you can actually see the author! Amazing, why didn't someone think of this sooner??

Mary Hynes did a great job of touching on both elements of the new book as well as all the things Anne Rice fans are burning to know about her and her books.  The interview was an hour long with thirty minutes of audience questions.

This is part one, there are two more parts you can access on youtube.

The most interesting thing said all evening? It came from an audience question about characters and how Anne once said that Lestat just got up and left one day, will you bring some of them back? - "I'm not ruling it out....I want to hear what Lestat has to say".  Needless to say there was much cheering.

Afterwards Anne signed books.  My copies of Interview with a Vampire and The Vampire Lestat are embarrassing to say the least.  Natty and missing their front covers, so although my favourites, I didn't bring them.  Instead I got the Wolf Gift signed.  I gushed a little bit about how wonderful it was to meet her (that's right, I had nothing intelligent to say what-so-ever. It happens, more than I care to admit) and then moved along to admire her lovely cursive signature, so very carefully inscribed in my book.  Notice how she's carefully done it so it's a Novel for Rhiannon? Love her.

The hubby and I wandered out for late dinner (Sushi, because as the hubby put it "for some reason I fell like rice"), and we gabbed about how down to earth she was and not crazy eccentric as we'd suspected she might be.  All in all it was a fantastic evening I won't soon forget.

PS- this was the second of two great Random House events in just three days for me.  On Saturday I had the incredible pleasure of going to Random House head office in Toronto for a little blogger love party with surprise guests Erin Morgenstern (who I gabbed about posting cat pics with and), Ami McKay (who I talked fashion with), and Paula McLain (who I gabbed about hair with, she loved mine and I loved hers)!  So, many many thanks to Random House for making all these truly fantastic events possible- they made my week!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Wow! Anne Rice! Too cool to even express.

  2. Great recap!! :) So nice to see you again (and yeah! twice in 3 days! lol)

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