Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

Ahh, look at that.  We all made it through another week.  And in all likelihood it was a week filled with good reads right?  Well for me it was filled with books that didn't make me cry! YAY! It's the small achievements sometimes.
I'm currently wending my way through Anne Rice's newest The Wolf's Gift.  It's equal parts old school Anne Rice fabulousness and slightly obnoxious, I'm reserving judgement till the end.  I'm also very stoked to meet her!  That's right, she'll be in Toronto on February 13th at the Metro Library.  Sadly I don't think she comes to these things in coffins anymore.

But you stopped by for more worldly news then this, so here you go!

-Maggie Stiefvater finally announced MagicalNovel in all it's wondrousness (PW announcement).  It's called The Raven Boys and sounds spectacular! (Maggie announcement).
     A few days before the announcements she also gave a sneak peek at the earliest drafts of the story from when she was 19 or 20.  She may have the tinniest writing ever. Seriously, go look.  
     She also had a fun post yesterday about getting OUT and DOING something to get her writing juices flowing again.  It was a very funny post with a great tie into the Raven Boys and the car one of them drives.

-The back cover of Julie Kagawa's newest has been revealed as well, and it contains a snippet!

-Surprising to likely no one, The Fault in Our Stars has been optioned by Fox.  Lets hope they can capture the spirit of the book and do it justice.

-In honour of Valentines day and the upcoming release of Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver is giving away a copy of Delirium, some chocolates and a follow up of Pandemonium a few weeks later, upon release.  Head over to her blog for details on how to win!

- The BEA had some announcements this week, starting with how they're adding a children's day this year!  They're also considering adding a public day starting next year (I cringe a little to think how many people would inundate the already crowded floors, but yay for the public), and they announced the first three adult breakfast participants.

-For fans of Cherie Priests Clockwork Century series there's finally some good news about Clementine!  At long last there will be a plentiful paperback available to the public! Cherie announced details on how to pre-order your copy in a blog post recently.

-Have you ever wanted to see an early days JK Rowling interview?  Well one cropped up on Twitter this past week and it's interesting for two reasons.  It's shortly after the the American sale of the first book, and catches her right after finishing book two and starting book three.  I'm most amused by her comments on how she'll always write, geez, where are our new JK Rowling books then??! Yesh.

-Finally, it wouldn't be a satisfying close to the week if there weren't some Cassandra Clare tidbits!
   Unidentified snippet, this time from the Clockwork series.
    Unidentified snippet the second

And that's a wrap, at least for now anyhow!  Go forth and Saturday on!

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  1. Thanks for the fun links. these are great. That's cool about the public BEA day, but I know what you mean about crowding. I've only been once but it's INSANE then, I can't imagine just opening up the doors and letting people in. lol