Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday link Salad

It is Saturday. Again.  I know, how does that keep happening?!  It is decidedly winter here, and it's blown in all sudden like, but I refuse to let it dampen my spirits because I have two really exciting events this week.  Today I'm off to a blogger love party down at Random House, and Monday I get to see Anne Rice! I mean how can a week get better?  Mmmmm, probably with chocolate goodies on Tuesday actually, so yes, that too.

Now, to the news!

-First time and returning BEA/BBC attendees have been burning up the interwebs with complaints about difficulty registering, irregularities in pricing and concerns about how the BBC will be organized and run.  Being one of the neurotic/overly excited folks who registered bright and early I got the cheap "error price", so I was totally confused when folks started talking about the prices they were paying, so I've been carefully following the story as well. There's been several posts with clarification on some of the BEA/BBC confusion, each one becoming a tiny bit clearer then the one before.  Then there was this weird tweet from author Jennifer Weiner  " Cat out of bag: I'm giving the keynote speech at the BEA blogger conference! Suggestions for speech welcome. "  except you'll notice her link doesn't actually announce her as the keynote?  I have to say I was a bit mystified why an author is the Keynote at a Book Blogger convention, but I don't know her so maybe that's part of the confusion on my part.
Oh the drams!

-Want to read Lauren Olivers companion ebook to the Delirium series?  Well if enough folks pre-order the sequel Pandemonium before Feb 14th Hanna is being posted for free!

- Finally, it's Saturday, in a week of regular days, so that must mean that it's time for a Cassie Clare tidbit! unidentified snippet!

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