Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

Ahh right! It's Saturday.  Funny how that day comes along every seven days, hey?  Well good thing I have oodles of news for you, or you might not forgive me for leaving it until 5pm.  Grab a glass of good stuff and dig in!

-In case you were living under a rock on thursday, let me bring you up to speed: J.K. Rowling is finally going to have a new book coming out!  It's adult and Little Brown scored the publishing rights for it, and everything else has been left up to the wild speculation that went rampant 2 seconds after it was announced.  What follows are highlights of the 3 billion articles that say about the same thing: PW has it's say, The Guardian has it's say, Publishers Lunch it's say, it's say, NY Times has it's say, The has it's say, and then I stopped looking because the decided lack of variety in what they say was starting to sap my excitement... that is, until this guardian article actually did some digging!

-Even more exciting, well maybe a little bit less but still really really cool!  John Green was announced as the second author for the Children's Author breakfast at the BEA!  Kadir Nelson was announced later the same day as author number three, meaning I have no idea who two of these authors are but one is AMAZING!

-Eoin Colfer has started a facebook page, and to celebrate he's running a live Q and A on tuesday the 28th.  FYI, if you haven't done one of the facebook ones before they are far easier to read then the twitter parties.

-Got the Pottermore blues from the latest postponement of the site going live?  Your not the only one.  One sad fan tries to get to the bottom of the mess on The Guardian this week.

- As if George R.R. Martin coming for a signing in TO wasn't news enough, that same week TIFF lightbox is going to run a Game of Thrones exhibit.   Tickets are free, but limited, so be kind and wait until after I get mine before jamming up the phone lines, K?  My fingers are crossed that this exhibit will be as well done as the Lord of the Rings ones that TO hosted 9 years back.

-Ever wanted to go to a guerrilla library?  Well on your next trip to Manhattan you'll have to look for these.  An awesome idea, as long as nobody does anything gross to the books as a drunken joke.

- Lesley Livingston has teamed up with Jonathan Llyr to write a new middle school series called The Wiggins Weird.  It's been sold to Penguin with more details to come.

-Ever wanted to see some gorgeous personal libraries of the likes of Neil Gaiman and George Lucas? Flavorwire has you covered, as usual.  They are almost all completely stunning, but a couple of them I would likely give up my apartment for.  Who needs a bed when you have books, right?

-Summit Entertainment has hired the screen writer or Jane Eyre for Erin Morgenstern's Night Circus.  It will need a very ethereal director to pull it off, so that's the announcement I'm waiting for.

-Are you dying for it to be May 1st to read Insurgent, part two to last springs hit Divergent?  Well Entertainment Weekly has and exclusive excerpt to try and tide you over.

- Have you ever wanted to own a piece of spectacular book sculpture? Then look no further than here, because this guys work is going to blow your mind.  It goes without saying that I want one, right?

-Finally I have some Cassandra Clare goodies for you.  That's right! It's a weekly tradition, so why stop?!
  -First up is an unidentified Clockwork snippet.
  -Then a City of Lost Souls deleted scene.
  -And because what's better than one? Two of course! So a second City of Lost Souls deleted scene

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