Friday, March 9, 2012

Bookstore cats- feline fridays

I love cats, so it stands to reason that I love store cats as well.  Nothing is quite as delightful to me as visiting with a dog, cat or bird while perusing a local shop.  And since I love bookstores it stands to reason the only thing better is a bookstore with a cat!

So when I found another great bookstore cats article I couldn't resist.  Check out Lovemeow's article on Cats from bookstores around the world, there's even a pretty from Bangalore!


  1. Well that was the single best article I've read throughout my whole life! We don't have any indie book stores around us, so sadly we don't have any book store cats =/

  2. That is sad!, we have two flower shop cats and two flower shop dogs in our hood. I swear, I buy way more flowers now!