Friday, March 30, 2012

Feline Fridays Goes to the Zoo

I have the unique pleasure of living in downtown Toronto, but next to a beautiful park that's almost 400 acres of undeveloped land.  High Park is a destination for people from all over the city, but I get to overlook it from my windows and wander through it any time I want.

One of my absolute favourite areas in the park is the Zoo.  Opened 112 years ago, it has survived two wars and the depression only to find itself on the cutting block of the cities many many budget cuts this year.  All for to save on an annual operating cost of a mere 227,000$.

The zoo is one of those lovely mini-zoos filled with llamas, peacocks, bunnies and an assortment of bigger animals like buffalo and reindeer.  There's even a couple of Capybara!  They all have big, nicely designed spaces and seem very content.  My greatest joy is our spring walks, seeing day by day, all the new babies they're bringing into the world (I told you they were happy, it's one prolific zoo. 5 baby lamas last year!).  If we're lucky we come back mere hours after they're born, which has happened.  The zoo is also home to a group of feral cats who will be without feeders if it closes.

So today I'm going to direct you to the save the zoo website, and hopefully you can see your way clear to dropping ten dollars to help save this lovely little oasis.  Because everyone needs wonderful little places like this to fuel their imagination.

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