Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy Re-read

Like so many others this past week, I went to the opening of The Hunger Games movie and was blown away.  It was a beautifully transitioned book to movie, possibly because Suzanne Collins background was TV and she helped write the screen play, but regardless it left me as enraptured as the first time I read the books.  All I wanted to do was race home and start re-reading them that night, but I felt like I shouldn't, by book cases are currently groaning under the weight of my growing pile of TBR review books at the moment after all.  But after two days of not being able to stop thinking about them, I gave in and started my re-read.

This was the first time I was able to read all three one after the other, and it was epic.  Also, it broke me a little.  Honestly, I remember being emotionally overwhelmed by Mockingjay but reading all three together in a row sort of undid me.  I finished yesterday morning and I still can't stop thinking about them.

Since my first ever reviews (both posted on the same day, I'm not sure why) were The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and they were a bit painful to read, I thought it was high time I get in there and update them to a slightly higher caliber.

So if like me you can't get enough Hunger Games right now (honestly a week ago I thought I never wanted to hear another word about it!), then head on over to my revisited reviews.

My review of The Hunger Games revisited
My review of Catching Fire revisited
My review of Mockingjay (still the original, I could say more but I'd likely start blubbering)