Monday, March 12, 2012

The Iron Daughter, by Julie Kagawa- Review

Did I mention how this series has absorbed my life?  Seriously, how was I supposed to not launch into The Iron Daughter directly with the ending of The Iron King?  If you've been annoyed by my lack of email response lately, join the other 79 folks I'm ignoring to read more of Kagawa's enchanting series.  No jokes, between The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen I forced myself to clear it down to 11, but it nearly killed me!  The book was sitting right there, singing it's siren call.  It's amazing I've gotten any sleep.

Meghan's reprieve was so brief it was almost non-existent.  She's fulfilled her part of the contract with Ash and is now freezing her tush off in the Unseelies Winter Court, waiting for the wrath of Mab to come down on her.  But it's the Nevernever and betrayal and tricks surround her, and without the protection of Grim, Puck or Ash she's at the mercy of Mab.  Until the Iron Fey step back into the picture, complicating things even more.  Can Meghan rise above it all and come to the rescue again?

I was totally remiss while rhapsodising about The Iron King.  Grimalkin the cait sith, is a very close runner in the race to win favorite character in this series for me.  Granted he appears as a fluffy grey cat most of the time so obviously he appeals to my blatant bias, but it's his dry humor and timing that has me wrapped around his well groomed paws.  That being said, Puck and Ash have some really great developments and reveals in this part of the series.

Where Iron King was a story about discovery with a side of adventure and lots of danger, I feel like The Iron Daughter is a heated story of adventure, with a side of discovery and lots of danger. And Meghan has her fantastic underdog moment at long last.  I was jubilant.  Honestly.  It was a fist pump/shouting moment.  Because, you know, I love a great underdog moment even more than I love a good blood thirsty story line. 

This story is going fun, fun places and the tension is mounting with every step.  Oh yah, and that little love story side? It's getting decidedly more complicated, especially as Meghan starts to discover some of the finer points of the laws of Nevernever.  I'm in trouble, I'm just getting more sucked in with each book, and you know, eventually I have to function like a human.

Join me in my obsession!  Make March break your Iron Fey reading time, first time or re-read.

The Iron Daughter, by Julie Kagawa
Published by Harlequin Teen,  July 2010
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