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The Iron Queen, by Julie Kagawa- Review

Gah!!!! How did anyone survive the wait for Iron Knight??!  I was tearing my hair out when I finished Iron Queen at work and had to work through a few hours before getting home to my beautiful copy of Iron Knight (why oh why did I leave it at home??!).  And I resented every second I had to sit there and work as if I hadn't just read the most spectacular ending of a hugely emotionally charged book.
Impossible, I tell you.

Meghan and Ash are exhiled, and it should theoretically be happily ever after right?  Sort of, well, at least they're together.  But suddenly there is a new and greater Iron Fey threat and Meghan is the only one who can fix it.  Will she give up everything all over again to once again save the Nevernever?

This book was darker, funnier, and more of ALL THE THINGS, then the previous two books.  I could barely tear myself away.  The romantic moments were heartbreaking, the choices were unbelievable, the action was epic.  I got weepy at work I tell you! Do not read this ending on your lunch or coffee break!

If you loved Ash, Puck, Meghan and Grim before, be ready to fall even harder.  Every one of them has a spectacular moment of insight, a moment of grief, a moment of passion, a moment of selflessness.  I couldn't possibly pick a favorite.  Even Oberon and Mab have shinning moments where you just want to jump up and shout.

Puck took my hand, gripping it as if he could keep me here just by holding on.  I looked into his green eyes, shining with emotion, and saw all his years as Fey, all his triumphs and failures, loves and losses.  I saw him as Puck, the devilish, legendary troublemaker, and as Robin Goodfellow, a being as ancient as time, with his own scars and wounds gathered in his immortal life.  Puck squeezed my hand, tears running unabashedly down his face, and shook his head...
"I make it a point of never saying goodbye, princess.  Makes it sound like you're never coming back."...
Glamour rippled through the air, and Puck disintegrated into a flock of screaming ravens, flapping wildly as they scattered to all corners of the room.  The knights ducked as the birds swooped over their heads, cawing in their harsh, mocking voices.  Then the birds vanished into the darkness, the sound of wings disappeared, and Puck was gone.

Ok, I lied, I can pick a favourite.  As if I didn't already love Puck.

I can't even describe what an emotional rollercoaster this story was.  The battle scene was huge and had my adrenline pumping.  I love, love, love, a solid battle scene and Julie has written one to go down as one of the top 10.  It was so thrilling I could barely sit still to read it.  I felt like running around and cheering (no good at work on your lunch break), and it made my life feel very dissapointingly mundane after I closed the book and went back to work.

Then the end, yea gads!!  The entire thing came together in such a momentus way, I could barely stand it.  The Iron Queen was such a masterpiece I can't imagine how she'll top it with Iron Knight.  Thank god I don't have to wait any longer to find out!!

PS- there was a lot of Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine playing on repeat by the final scenes of this book, and Fear by One Republic.  I'm not sure either of those songs will ever stop reminding me of those scenes now.

The Iron Queen, By Julie Kagawa
Published by Harlequin Teen, January 25th 2011
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