Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Link Salad

Yes I know.  I am a terrible, terrible person!  I have interrupted your regular schedualed Link Salad with TWO days of fabulous giveaways.  Name a character, win a signed book set, win the very hot The Immortal Rules or the terrific Loss.  It's a trial I tell you, I don't know how you put up with me.
I have oddles of news to share, and I have it for you today!!  So do whatever you have to do to give the appearence of work to your cubicle and dig in.

-It was a Cassandra Clare kind of week with news pouring in about the movie, the new series and of course all of her usual tid bits and temptations of what's to come.
     -Check out her Hollywood Crush interview about the director announcement.  They'll be filming in New York and Toronto, so if you live here or there you can plan to stalk the sets.  Personally I think i'll make a point to start calling in for dailys again with IATSE in the hopes they need some costume folks one day!
     -Cassie had a fun post on her Tumblr before the meeting with film folks, about being in LA and how excited she was.
      -Hot on the heels of the movie news was the Dark Artifices announcement.  Oh yes, that's right.  More Shadowhunters to feed our frenzy.  She stopped by Hollywood Crush to give a few more details and at tiny teaser.  And Cassie has a bit more to say about the working title of the first book in the series.
      -Mundie Mom's gave a rundown of all the special editions that will be available for the forthcoming City of Lost Souls.
      - And finally, just for good measure, a COLS teaser, and a Clockwork Prince alternate scene.

-Brandon Mulls second book in the Beyonders series released this week.  If you haven't bought The Seeds of Rebellion yet (I am so banned from book shopping for a couple of weeks), then make sure to check out the first couple of chapters online.

-The BEA made their final author breakfast annoucement. Stephen Colbert will be doing the Adult Author Breakfast.  I was only vaguely intrigued until I saw Tessa Gratton twittering about sharing the same air as Stephen Colbert.  And yes, she confirmed (to my undying excitement), that this means she'll be at the BEA!  Much more exciting then Stephen Colbert.

-Speaking of Tessa Gratton, she tweeted a teaser from the Blood Keeper the other day.  Oh Nick! How I love your wardrobe choices!  Oh right, and she also announced the details of The Blood Keeper with a cover reveal.

-Speaking of annoucements, I was proven to either be highly persuasive or psychic when I blogged about Winters Passage and Summers Crossing, and how I would dearly love to see them published together in an anthology mere hours before Julie Kagawa and HarlequinTeen announced that it was a done deal.  Iron Legends will hit shelves Aug 28th and contain a teaser short story to introduce the new series (due out in the fall).  The kitties were so excited they insisted on a small Iron Fey Ode.

-Speaking of Julie Kagawa, if you've been avidly following her foray into raising chicks then make sure to check out the new blog her husband's started about their attempts at homesteading.  It's a lot of fun, and it has pictures of her fuzzy kids.

-Shannon Hale announced a really fun sounding new series on her blog.  Kick-ass girls, go check it out.

-If you follow Maggie Steivfaters twitter feed you'll have noticed she's been hard at work on the Raven Boys trailer (oh and racing her sweet ride, lucky girl).  She posted some lovely stills on her blog if you want a sneek peek.

-The big literary news in TO this week was the Luminato line up for it's literary programming.  None of the authors are big on my list but they are big names, so make sure to check it out if you plan on being in town this summer.

-Speaking of events, George R.R. Martin was in town this week, and if you were like me and couldn't do a 1000 person line up for 4 hours in the cold to see him then I have some goodies for you!  His TIFF interview was filmed in four parts. Here's part one (the other parts line up on the side), that's right, you can sit in the warm cosy comfort of home and watch it! 

-Cherie Priest unveiled the cover art to her newest Clockwork Century story, the inexplicables, which reminded me I'm behind!


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