Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

So it's Saturday.  Many of you have been to the theatres and weeped/cheered your way through the magnificent Hunger Games and are now feeling that deflated feeling of- what next?  Well worry no more, I am here for you!  I have collected the news of the week and I'm ready to get you excited for something new, are you ready?

-Three great book trailer/teasers released this week, first up was the long awaited Bitterblue, which debuted over at Mundie Moms.  The second one you probably saw at the theatre when you went to see Hunger Games (part of a really cool marketing campaign geared towards Hunger Games fans), yup the trailer/teaser to Veronica Roth's follow up Insurgent.  The last one is actually a movie teaser, but it shows so little it might as well be a book trailer, Stephanie Meyer's trailer for The Host.  I promise you no Kristen Steward or Robert Patison.

-Meg Cabots follow up to Abandon hits shelves shortly.  But in the meantime she had a cover reveal this week (very pretty) and excerpts from Chapter 1 and 2!

-Stephen King has two books coming out in the next year that have his fans both excited and worried.  Book 4.5 in his Dark Tower series (that's right, 4.5) releases next month and Stephen has posted his forward to the book as a teaser.  Later this year, the sequel to the Shining is coming out, and this week The Overlook Hotel posted photos of Stanley Kubrick's personal copy of the book, with his notes and highlights!

-Ah drama on the interwebs!  In a week containing days ending in "y" it goes without saying there was some drames.  This week it was the ever popular BBC/BEA topic.  I won't go into particulars, other than a directory was set up, and to sign on to it you had to give stats on your blog.  Sort of like naming how many people you've had sex with while signing your license on your wedding day.  By which I mean, pertinent info to the parties involved but not the sort of thing you shout out in a room of relatives, friends and strangers.
Alas, there was rightful outrage and now a split off con (I just want all of you lovely boys and girls in one place so I can meet you in person, is that so much to ask??!), so now you must choose where you'll be on June 4th.  BEA has since posted an apology with an explanation as to why they originally asked for the stats. 
In other news, I think I'll be cabbing it back and forth that day just so I can meet everyone.

-Speaking of stats, if you're looking for a great post to enlighten you on the topic, check out this great rundown by Stacked Books.  Also well pointed out? Why stats are relatively meaningless.

-The 2012 Dewey Readathon sign up is up!  If you haven't planned to spend 24hours doing what you do best on April 21st then I recommend giving it a thought.  I'm ill prepared and then jealous every time these readathons crop up, so this time I'm in!

-Mo Williams is going to be at Mables Fables in Toronto! Tickets are free but limited in number so make sure to sign up! Also coming to TO? Christopher Moore, and the details were finally released this week.

-Megan Miranda has posted a great, day in the life, post.  If you've ever wondered about a typical Megan Miranda writing day then make sure to check it out.  Also, it is very, very funny.

-Ever wanted to do something crazy in Vegas for a wedding?  How about getting married in the Great Hall at Hogwarts??  And speaking of Harry Potter, how many collectible things do they really have to tempt me with?  Now announced- Harry Potter Wizards Collection and 8 part making-of documentary.  Evil!  Check out one of the clips with Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman on Hypable.

So have I filled the Hunger Games void? No? Well I give up, go re-read the books then (I know I want to!)
Happy Saturday Linking!!

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