Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winters Passage, and Summer's Crossing, by Julie Kagawa- Review

I'm a big fat e-reader hold out.  There's something super sad to me about reading something and not being able to put it on my bookshelf, or thumb through it at will, reading my favourite chapters or paragraphs when I need a pick me up.  And since I'm not made of money I'm unlikely to buy an e-book (for convenience) and the actual hard copy (for the library), thus, although it has it's advantages (I will grudgingly admit) I still don't have an e-reader.  Which also means all those novella add on's that have been cropping up (Hare Moon, by Carrie Ryan, from The Forest of Hands and Teeth series, Hanna by Lauren Oliver from the Delirium series), have been lost on me.  Until reading Julie's Iron Fey series.  There was no way I wasn't reading every single word she'd written about these characters.  Even if it meant I was sitting in bed reading off of my laptop.
I told you it was love.

However, since I don't have an e-reader, I decided to save the two short stories for the end so I wasn't stuck at work without something to read.  I didn't relish trying to read on my Ipod after all.  I had no issue reading them out of their order but if that bugs you then you want to read the series like this: Iron Daughter, Winter's Passage, Iron King, Iron Queen, Summer's Crossing, Iron Knight (and don't forget to wrap up with Julie's recent valentines story).

Winter's Passage follows Meghan and Ash on a small detour while fulfilling their contract to bring her to Mab.

I loved two things about it.  Firstly, it introduces the Big Bad Wolf, who is a great character in Iron Knight, and I really dug the foreshadowing.  But I also loved that it showed a bit more background to issues that become a big deal in the second book, Iron King.  It shows Ash going cold towards Meghan and him struggling with it, which gives him a little more depth.  Grims got his little paws all over it of course.  Ah Grim!  How fun you are.

There are a couple of great passionate moments for Ash and Meghan, which doesn't hurt at all either.

Summer's Crossing was my favourite of the two though.

Puck is without a doubt my favourite in everything he crops up in.  Honestly, The Sisters Grimm, this series, his classic Midsummer's Night Dream, Puck rocks in every one of them.  He's such a little shit but in the most lovable way.  It's funny because personally I have such a type when it comes to boys, I like them tall, dark, handsome and angsty, so you would think I would be 100% an Ash girl, but I'm sorry, Puck's the man.  Which is not to say I don't love how Julie has written the story, or that I don't adore the romance, just that my heart has Puck's name on it.

So obviously a story told from his view point is exactly what I'd been craving from The Iron Fey series.

A great little romp, Ash has had his rather large favour from The Iron Queen called in, and it will take Puck's devious nature to pull it off, especially since it involves storming the Summer Court.

I loved this look into Puck's thoughts.  His turmoil over Ash and Meghan, his regrets, his disappointment behind the prankster, sarcastic front, made him that much more lovable to me.  The glimpses of this in the actual series were very rewarding but in Summer's Crossing it gives an insight that adds a lot to the Iron Knight.

Neither of these novellas are necessary to the hard copy series, but they're great add on's well worth the read.  If you love the Iron Fey series then make sure not to pass them up.  Summer's Crossing is free on and Winter's Passage is a mere 2.51$.  My only disappointment is that they won't grace my shelf with the rest of the series, hopefully one day they'll release the two in hard copy, maybe as two sided story? With one on the front and one on the back? If only. Sigh, ebooks!  You can't see me but I'm shaking my head sadly.

BREAKING NEWS!!! It's as if the interwebs have heard my shelves crying and capitulated.  Julie Kagawa announced on Twitter today:

So, for everyone who wondered if the Iron Fey novellas would ever be made into print, the answer is now YES. :D
WOO! August 28 will be the release of Iron Legends, which has WINTER'S PASSAGE, SUMMER'S CROSSING, and the new novella IRON'S PROPHECY. RT!

Winters Passage, by Julie Kagawa
Ebook, Published by Harlequin Teen, May 20, 2010
Buy Winter's Passage on Amazon

Summer's Crossing, by Julie Kagawa
Ebook, Published by Harlequin Teen, June 1 2011
Download Summer's Crossing on Amazon


  1. I'm right there with you as a Puck fan girl.

    1. Gah!! I know right??! Read The Sisters Grimm, its middle school but Puck! He's hysterical.