Saturday, April 21, 2012

6:11pm- Dewey Update, Book 2 Finished!

That's right, I'm burning through them now!  530 pages, Hugo Cabaret brings my page total up to 759 pages for the day.  I knew adding Hugo Cabaret to the pile would be a good idea.  And as if I need more proof that it was meant to be, this pretty little tale matches my outfit (please ignore the tummy, I've obviously eaten WAY too many snacks today).

Speaking of Snacks! The five o'clock hour featured veggies and dip.

Next up I think I'm going to mix it up once again and go for a book in prose- Sister's of Glass, by Stephanie Hemphill.  And probably a walk and then dinner, because if I don't work off some of these snacks I might not fit these yoga pants by midnight.

Dude my pile looks so much smaller now that I've read Hugo Cabaret!  I'm feeling super powerful like I can READ IT ALL! Bwahahahahhahahaha!
Probably the wrong place to use an evil maniacal laugh right? Oh well, I've been very insular today, it happens.

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