Saturday, April 21, 2012

9:48pm- Dewey Update, and the completion of book 3!

So I finally got out of the house! The hubby and I went for a nice long walk in the park, marvelled at the two new babies, born today!, in the zoo and listened to an owl we couldn't find.  We then came home and jazzed up our Indian leftovers and watched 30 Rock before I delved back into reading.

Mmmmm, Indian food!

But the big news this update is that I finished book 3!! Bringing my total number of pages read since 9am up to 909!!!  Ok, so my last two books were sort of cheaters, but they were good so I'm still counting them.  Sisters of Glass was charming, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and a prose read was nice change.

We've officially moved onto tea and chocolate (Lindt bars), and I'm going to start The Name of the Star (Maureen Johnson) so hopefully I'll have some creepiness going on as it gets later.
I think shortly we'll take another break and watch some of this Titanic series the Downton Abbey folks have done, and eat some seriously awesome Salted Carmel Cheesecake. I KNOW! I'll totally have to go for a jog at like 1am at this rate!  It's almost as much an eatathon as a readathon!  
Ah well, you only have Shingles once right?  God I hope so.

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