Thursday, April 19, 2012

Christopher Moore Signing

So back on Saturday, right before I died of Shingles, the hubs and I went on a pre-anniversary fun day that involved uber yummy brunch and then the highly anticipated Christopher Moore signing.  I'm pretty new to Moore, but the hubby is a huge fan of his work.  I had run into Lamb at one point and gave it to him, thinking it sounded right up his alley, and after that he ran out and bought every other book Moore wrote and blitzed through them joyfully.  Many a night was spent with the hubs chortling away loudly while we read in bed.

Even before we arrived there was excitement.  I tweeted that I was off to the brunch where I was going to gift the hubby the bible version of Lamb and then we were off to the event.  To which Moore promptly replied "On my way. Stay  Chilly"

The event was one of the best signings I've been too in awhile.  Moore got up and talked for quite a bit more time then usual and there was even a fairly extensive Q&A.  Moore regaled the crowd with stories of his research for  Sacre´ Bleu, antidotes about the artists, and many funny zings at politics, health care and the security detail he was given by Chapters.
Stolen from Moore's facebook page, his caption is: My security detail at Chapters in Toronto. Every one of them has health insurance, that's why they're fearless.

Even better yet he took time to interact with the crowd, calling out to those who'd tweeted with him earlier in the day (he even coordinated socks with one set of girls), and then taking time with each person he signed with to chat and get to know you.  

All in all it was a great signing, funny and intimate at the same time.  If you have a chance to see him on the rest of his tour make sure you head out!

Now I just have to wait my turn to dig into the hubs beautiful new copy of Sacre´ Bleu!

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