Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dewey Readathon Begins!!

Ok, so i'm an hour behind.  But Shingles folks, and cuddly kitties that wanted lovely bed snuggles.  Plus I totally knew I wouldn't be up before 9am so I pre-read before bed and so my page count is already 21! See, it's all good!

So welcome to my reading nest for the next 24hrs.  I'll likely be alternating between the couch and the Chaise Lounge, and hopefully have lots of kitty hanger ons.  The hubby is going to join me in snacking and reading off and on as well.

First snack up is a big cup of coffee, some chocolate zucchini bread and mixed berries.  First book up is An Abundance of Katherine's by John Green, because I thought I ought to have guaranteed winner at the outset.  And because I'm geeky like that, post it's, pen and notebook are at the ready for review notes (since there's going to be a lot to get back too after the next 24 hrs).
And I'm off!!

Best of luck to you all, and catch you in a bit for updates!


  1. Cheering you on! This is my 6th time to participate in Dewey's and it's become a *must do*, regardless of what else gets scheduled the same day.