Friday, April 20, 2012

The Kitties and I prep our first ever Dewey's Readathon!!- Feline Fridays

As most of you know, I work a skewed work week, and my Monday is Sunday.  So although I've always desperately wanted to do one of the readathons (heaven!), I've never been able to without taking a day off work.  And I'm way too unorganized to realize that months in advance, as would be needed!

But this year I got the gift that keeps on giving, ie- Shingles, and am blessed with a Saturday/Sunday combo on the big Dewey Spring weekend! Yay Shingles!! Who would have ever thought I'd say that, right?

Anywhoots, the furry kids are particularly stoked, as any event that involves food and as little movement as possible is always high on their To Do list (needless to say, shingles recuperation has been a joy for them, especially the two days I spent camped out in bed for the entire day!).

Deliah's got her Random House pen at the ready and has been organizing snacks.  She's bossy like that, but a good coordinator.  She's going equal parts healthy and yummy with selections such as: veggies and dip, and chocolate zucchini loaf.

Baxter has been hard at work on book selection.  He's gone for a mix of review books, personal fun books, and some BEA books I still haven't made it too.  He's kept it to shorties (none over 300 pages) and has included two graphic novels, two prose books and two Pintz winners (courtesy of the hubby who likes to up my game.  Good boy that one).  Baxter has high hope I will read them all.  I'm guessing I'll hit 4-5 at maximum.

He's unimpressed with my lack of ambition.  He says he could read them all.

Thurman has been hard at work testing out the comfort of various reading spots.  He's dedicated that one.

And Cheddar simply can't wait, so he's started early.

So if you're Readathoning tomorrow, have fun!  And if not make sure to stop by for hourly-ish updates on snacks and fun!

Happy Feline Friday to you all!