Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

Well, between brunches, chocolates, cakes and all the nice weather, its amazing I've been online at all, but I have, and I have oodles of news for you!  So grab a glass of wine and a basket full of chocolate and dig in.

-I am LOVING the smut and scandal and sheer talk all over the place about 50 Shades of grey (a 50 something male co-worker and I were talking about how he just ordered it because he had to know what all the fuss was about!).  Seriously, it's too much fun!  I want to buy it for all my friends and have a throw down book club evening where all we talk about is S & M and how inevitably bad this book is.  One of the funniest things I've read to date?  Forever Young Adults DNF review, in which this memorable quote is from:
New sex education plan!! Instead of teaching kids abstinence-only which is stupid and doesn’t work, make every 14 year old read and sign a contract spelling out exactly what their sexual limits are. Not only is it a good way to go over various possibilities, but every child will be TOTALLY HORRIFIED and scared to have sex for several more years! “You want to stick WHAT up my ass? No thank you, let’s just hold hands!”

-Have you been following the contract negotiations at everyones favourite NYC indie The Strand?  Well the latest does not bode well.  Cross your fingers they don't end up going the way of so many other indies in the US of late.

-Like me have you eaten up Holly Blacks final Curse Workers book and are too sad to let it fully go yet?  Well head on over to Shelf Awareness where Holly talks about Con Artists, and keep your Holly Black fix going for a few more minutes.

-Did you catch this weeks announcement about Lauren Oliver's latest book genre leap?  She's now adding Adult fiction to her belt with the HarperCollins acquisition of her book Rooms, set to release fall 2014 (whoa! that's like terminator futuresque).

-If you're looking for a good giggle then head on over to for 6 popular children's books that teach kids horrible lessons.  Since it starts off with two classics, and I was very amused.

-Dying for the release of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa? You should be, I'm just saying.  Anyhoots, check out the HarlequinTeen teaser of the forthcoming website via Facebook.

-Speaking of books you can't wait for, are you eagerly anticipating Bitterblue? Liar, you totally are (or really should be).  Head on over to Facebook to check out a teaser from the first couple of pages, a map of the world.

-Maggie Stiefvater has a stunning new website, and it has goodies!  Go start your easter egg hunting early!  While you're there check out her latest post where she starts to answer some of those questions she solicited awhile back.

-Because it's Easter, I thought I better include something related, so head on over to the Huffington Post for some amusing literary and pop culture Easter eggs.  Start with Harry Potter.  I know, why didn't you think about that right? Ah well, next year.

-Adrienne Kress has announced her next book, for the cover reveal and a great little contest head on over to her blog.  It's called the Friday Society and it has a decided Indian Jones a la Steampunk sound to it.  I can hardly wait!

-Finally, because I love you, and I know you love Cassandra Clare:
  -that first chapter of COLS, because like me you were wayyyy to lazy to chase it all week.
  -evvvilll unidentified snippet!

Saturday onwards!  Happy Easter, otherwise known as the chocolate extravaganza.

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