Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

As usual there was oodles of news this week, but much of it fell into the MAJOR announcement category.  Are you ready for it?

-After much anticipation, and no little disappointment over delays Pottermore has launched a sneak attack today and gone live with no notice!  How tempting it will be to drag my IPod to Chapters this afternoon and ignore the hubby while waiting in line for Christopher Moore, and just play around on the site.  No, no, I'll be good. Sigh.

-Because it was a week of JK Rowling news, after years of just tiny little tidbits here and there, she's also launched a snazzy new website, announced she's working on a Harry Potter Encyclopedia, and her adult novel had a title and blurb release (no April Fools this time folks, I swear it)!  What do you think about the sudden burst of Rowlingness out there?  Are you still insanely excited, or have you lost interest?  I noticed there were decidedly less tweets about her Causal Vacancy news then there were about her announcing a new book.

-Speaking of huge authors announcing new books, Stephen King has announced he's working on a new Horror novel.  It will be called Joyland, and he says it'll be a return to pure horror.

-The final part of Aprilynne Pike's wings series, Destined releases next month and the first chapter has gone up!

-Speaking of first chapters, EW released the first two chapters of Maggie Stiefvaters The Raven Boys!

-And more chapters! Are you eagerly awaiting Simon Toynes follow up to Sanctus? Then check out the opening chapters on his site, unless you have a hook up in the UK where the book has already released.  US and Canadian copies of The Key hit shelves in June.

-The scandal of the week?  That would be Gary Ross officially stepping down from the filming of Catching Fire.  Apparently the production company wants time lines he doesn't feel he can meet as a writer and director.  The sound you just heard was about 12 million fans flipping out.  Will this turn into Harry Potter, where each film has a different style?

-Rick Riordan's final book in the Kane Chronicles is getting a massive first print of 2 million copies, Disney announced this week.  And even more fun? On May 1st Riordan will do a live webcast from the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium in San Jose. Sign up here!

-Now, because a week just isn't complete without it, Cassandra Clare snippets and alternate POV's as a cherry to the top of your news foray!
    -Clockwork unidentified snippet
    -A romantic unidentified snippet, sounds very Jace like
    -And finally a cut COLS scene for trending #weareshadowhunters earlier this week

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