Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Link Salad

It's a bleary eyed, rainy Sunday in TO, with an incredibly HUGE list of news for the week.  So if you're feeling sluggish make sure to caffeinate before digging in.

-I'm starting off with a bang to help wake you up: Mugglenet has released the first ever teaser of J.K. Rowling's newest book.  One image which teases with both the title and some blood spray. You're awake now aren't you?

-In considerably less exciting J.K. Rowling news, but news that still managed to crash Amazon for the first time ever, the Harry Potter Ebooks went on sale this week through Pottermore.  Also, the struggling Pottermore has finally finished it's Beta testing and is currently giving out "early April" as it's new go-live date for the public.

-Head on over to Mundie Mom's today for Ilsa J. Bick's cover reveal of book two in her Ashes series- Shadows, as well as the redesign of Ashes for the paperbacks and a chance to win a Zombie survival pack.  It doesn't ever hurt to be prepared!

-In the realm of  fun that I'm way too lazy to partake in, the YA Scavenger Hunt started this week.  Full of cool prizes for those who can commit to word puzzles and frantic Internet searches, not my forte, but come back and brag about all the cool loot you win and I promise to seethe with jealousy and regret my blatant sloth tendencies.

-In other cool things I'm to lazy to partake in (I know right? but seriously at some point I do have to do laundry and other mundane living things), this week was the start of the City of Lost Angels Chapter Hunt.  If like me, you're way too lazy, no worries! I'll have the finished chapter for you next week when it's all revealed, because Cassie gets that we have to buy groceries eventually to fuel our reading.

-Sarah Dessen announced her next book this week, the title is The Best After Ever and will be released sometime in 2013. 

-The Merry Sisters of Fate, otherwise known as the triumvirate of Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff, have revealed the very pretty cover of their not-quite-anthology and are having a contest to win an ARC (ending today so rush over if you have a US address). LOVE the cover, reminds me a lot of the redesign for Lament.  Also, the contents look spectacular too, can't wait to grab The Curiosities upon it's release sometime in October!

-Beth Fantaskey has posted some more bonus content for Jessica Rules the Darkside.  Already a book with an ebook worth of prequel bonus content I'm dying to get over there and see what it is (that's right, I was doing laundry, and replacing windshield wipers that I've needed to replace since November, it's been a busy weekend ok?!).

-There has been a load of BEA/BBC/Blogger Unconference news this week.  First up the BEA announced it was going to open up to a limited amount of the public this year.  1000 lucky people will get a chance to win or buy tickets through stores and libraries in a trial run for fully opening to the public in 2013.  Fully open to the public seems a bit scary too me, a little more comic-con madness then semi-professional madness, so this might mean this year will be my last, we'll see!  The Editors Buzz has been announced, nothing was listed that I'm eagerly anticipating but that's kind of exciting since it means they'll actually be putting stuff on my radar this year.  Last year I found I was already aware of a lot of the Buzz titles.  The Book Blogging Con announced it's schedule, speakers and content,  I was thrilled to see some speakers I enjoyed last year, and some authors I can't wait to chat with.  In further news, the Book Blogger Unconference is officially going forward, they have a site up for registration if you're looking for something less publisher/blogger related or if you're not excited by the schedule for the Book Blogging Con.  Unfortunately they are running simultaneously so you'll have to pick or cab back and forth between event.  Finally, if you are unsure if you can afford to head on down to the BEA this year, but you're a US blogger whose been blogging for at least a year then Goodreads and Association of American Publishers have a contest for you! 

-One of my most anticipated reads of the year comes out this week, Holly Black's Black Heart.  To my great and utter consternation I pre-ordered it online only to find it in the wild early on Saturday!! Alas, it's killing me but I'm waiting to take delivery of my pre-order. Sigh.  In the meantime, Holly has posted an excerpt from the first chapter to wet your appetite.  And if you haven't started this series yet, then stop being a stranger and do it already.  You won't regret it.

-This weekend the ever helpful Bloggiesta started up.  I've been too swamped to do anything more than flag a couple of helpful posts, one being html basics top ten (always helpful, even if you know them! Refreshers never hurt!) from Pam over at Bookalicious, and Candace's ever helpful labels and tags post over at Beth Fish Reads.  Lets face it, you may have conquered these tasks before and just let them slide over the past year, or you may not have considered tackling them to-date, but either way they're both excellent things to clean up and refresh on your blog!

-Shannon Messenger has posted an insightful myth-busting blog post on publishing.  Its full of fun things you may or not already know about the complicated path between "I wrote a book!" and "I have a published book!".

-In entertaining, book-related news, someone in Pennsylvania has built themselves a lovely little hobbit inspired cottage.  It's astoundingly beautiful, and although Maggie Steifvater was busily letting twitter know that it would make a good gift for her, I would also like to say that I wouldn't say no to one either.

-If you're in the GTA and looking for a fun book event this week, then look no further than the Libraries Keep Toronto Reading Festival, the event penciled into my calendar is the Adrienne Kress/Megan Crew interview about The Way We Fall this Wednesday night!

-In we be hating news, did you catch the NY Time article this week where Lev Grossman had lovely things to say about reading YA, and Joel Stein had outrageously judgy things to say?  All I have to add is why do we give a fart what genre people are reading as long as they're reading?  I mean honestly, do we have to get all Judgey McJudgey pants on folks?  I might not want to read 50 Shades of Grey for anything more than a laugh, and I might not want to sit in your seat on the subway if you've been squirming around on it while reading it, but I'm not going to blast off offensively and go on about "Mommy Porn" on you.  The genre is Erotica people, why do we have to be so bloody condescending?  To quote Stephen King on his EW Hunger Games review from years ago: "'young adult novel'' is a dumbbell term I put right up there with ''jumbo shrimp'' and ''airline food'' in the oxymoron sweepstakes"

-Finally, what kind of week would it be if I didn't give you some Cassie Clare teasers? Right?! There was one unidentified snippet a la Clockwork series, but the big treat this week was the Jem POV for the big kiss scene in Clockwork Princess!

Now go forth and Sunday on!!


  1. Yeah, the J.K. Rowling thing? April Fool's joke. It's not real. FYI.

  2. Oh that's too bad about the jk Rowling title, but I guess you've got to expect that today. Oh and I'm the same way about all those hunts. Sounds fun, but too much work.