Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Cooking Easter Treats!

The lovely Beth Fish Reads has this fantastic meme, in case you've missed out on it, called Weekend Cooking.  Generally speaking I'm just a blog stalker, but every once in awhile I organize myself enough to participate.  And seeing as it's Easter I thought I would post the Easter treat the hubby and I made for the weekend.

Now to give you a little history, the hubs is a big fan of carrot cake.  It's fine, but never been one of my favourites.  Until about a year ago, when the LCBO Food and Drink magazine (distributed by the Ontario Liquor Board, but accessible to anyone online.  A fantastic place for recipe discovery, trust me!) did an entire article on fancy carrot cakes.  They're fairly involved, but if the rest of them are as delicious as the one we keep making, then well worth the effort.  

And our favourite, and the cake we baked for Easter:
Because what says Easter bunnies more than Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Icing?  I know what you're thinking, but I love Cream Cheese icing, it won't be as good.  I'm not sure how it's possible, but this icing is leagues above.  The whole cake is divine, so if you have an extra hour and a half, and a willing helper this afternoon, I highly recommend treating yourself to this cake!

Hope you're having a delicious Easter, full of treats and good books!


  1. That looks SO good - you can see the little orange carrot flecks :) White chocolate frosting? I definitely gotta look into this! Happy Easter!

  2. I love carrot cake! I could definitely go for the white chocolate frosting although I like cream cheese too.

  3. Oh dear, that cake sounds AMAZING. Only I don't have time to make it. Well... I may be forced to find some time. YUM.

  4. They all look so good, but the first two look the best to me. I love pecans and coconut!

  5. I have never made carrot cake before. It is on my to do list for a while now. But I didn't really knew there are so many kinds of different carrot cakes. Wow!

  6. O.M.G. We love carrot cake and some those variations look absolutely heavenly. You can be sure I've bookmarked this -- Must make one of these soon.