Friday, May 11, 2012

How your cats can teach you about the good life, on this Feline Friday

The reasons are legion why I think pets are wonderful, but without a doubt I would have to say, nothing makes me stop to appreciate the little things more than the slow and appreciative lifestyle of my cats.  Everything is about snoozing in sunbeams, enjoying a snuggle (especially while in bed or while reading), eating and taking it easy.  And living with them makes me want to slow down and enjoy it all with them, if for some reason I'm still running around like a crazy woman they make sure to let me know when its time to sit down already and take it easy.

On weeks like this one, when I'm about to return to work after 4 weeks of sick leave, I appreciate their influence on my life.  Which is why this Huffington Post article made me smile.   If you were on the fence about getting a pet, or if you just want a good laugh today then I highly recommend you check out Jackson Galaxy's 7 THings My Cat Taught me About Life.

Now I'm going to go bake a cake, enjoy the sunshine, and just generally appreciate feeling better and being footloose and fancy free for just a few more days.  Maybe while ignoring house work, because come on, the cats don't do house work and they're my inspiration today, right?  
Works for me!

Happy Friday!

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