Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh Hello Internet, Remember Me?

Ok, sorry about the hiatus.  Three days without a post (this post almost doesn't count its so late), and it feels like I'm some negligent parent who left her toddler at home in a play pen with a dish of water and went for a quick drink with friends.  I'm terrible, I do apologize.  However I have been very, very busy and I have pictures! So time for show and tell!

Remember that wedding dress I was working on way back when? 
Well I'm still working on it, but now it looks like a wedding dress.
This is still the "mock up", which is called a Muslin in dress making terms.  It's basically ready to be mailed to England for fitting.  When it's finished there's going to be a layer of the lace on top of the satin.
But while making it, I have now signed on to do my friends hair-piece too.
What can I say? I can't say no to a new challenge.
So do Thurman and Baxter, and yes, I did have to keep moving Baxter off of the flowers, glue and beads.
I got a bit carried away, I've made 5 so far and plan to make a couple more.
They're going to England, so I want to make sure she has lots of selection.  And my running joke right now is that my friend, the bride, can open her own Etsy store with all the ones she doesn't use and help fund her wedding.

There has also been a massive backyard reno in the works the past week and a half.  You'll possibly recall, from old summer posts, that it looked like this.
And yes, the grass looked that bad every year, even though I re-seeded it, fertilized it, replaced ALL the soil going down 3 inches, and otherwise did everything in my power to keep it alive.
And also, look how tiny Thurman used to be!!

So we gave up, and decided to make a paved patio with bigger flower beds.  Outside of a huge trek out to the burbs for the stones, the hubby bore the brunt of the initial work.
Today was the day the flower beds got redesigned and filled.  I built them up in places, made them more hilly (they were completely flat originally), put in rocks and moved the existent plants around, and filled in with some new ones.

I'm not sure why I left the garage door open in these photos, ignore that!  Also, the passion flower around the door has to come outside still, and that fencing leaning against the door is not going to live there either.
But this is it more, or less, finished.
Of course now I want a new bbq and lawn furniture. 
Meanwhile, Thurman is seriously pleased.
Tomorrow is going to hurt.  But at least I get to come home to a delightful backyard!

PS- My computer crashed yesterday and lost all my link salad links.  I really need a better system.
Happy Long Weekend!


  1. New garden is amazing!! As is the dress and hair pieces, but the garden especially, so much work! I can't wait to see it :)

  2. The garden looks amazing!!! Great job!