Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

If you follow me  on Twitter you've probably noticed I've been knee deep in a mega clean-out of my studio this week.  Two 9+ hour days in and I'm still uncovering tantalizing tidbits like the receipt for my pet guinea pig (who I got in elementary school), love letters from my own personal YA experience, and the RoE from my first Camp Counsellor job when I was 18 (can you believe I put myself through three years of university on 5.30$ per hour? Me neither).  It's been fun, dirty and totally satisfying, but its kept me mostly offline.  So the pickings are slim this week, but it's quality not quantity right?

-THE most exciting news of my week was the Chapters/Indigo announcement that The Bloggess is coming!  That's right, I missed her at the BBC but it doesn't matter because she'll be in Toronto at the Manulife Indigo a week from Tuesday!  I can hardly wait, and the timing couldn't be better as I was going to buy her book for my Oma for her birthday the following weekend.

-With Artemis Fowl all wrapped up, Eoin Colfer stopped by Blue Peter for a quick Q & A.  The best part?  The hints at the end about his new series.

-Were you one of the many people glued to the Olympics opening ceremonies last night?  Are you a prolific reader?  Why not combine your loves and join me over at Random House Canada's Olympic Readathon?  It started yesterday, and because I've been busy I'm only at 135 pages, but I'm hoping to meet or surpass my 2500 page goal.

-Michelle Hodkin hasn't released her YA crush tourney teaser yet (sigh!) but there's a teeny, tiny pre-teaser teaser in honour of a full teaser coming out Monday over on Hollywood Crush, from book two- The Evolution of Mara Dyer.  Have I mentioned yet how incredibly excited I am for this book?  I cannot wait to see where Hodkin will be taking us next!

-Speaking of the YA crush tourney, Cassie Clare has dropped two teasers with a third coming tomorrow (Magnus!).  Both of the two so far have been Will and Tessa, with the second one mentioning Jem briefly.  Oh Clockwork Princess, why do you have to be sooooo far away still?

Happy Saturday!