Friday, July 13, 2012

The Secret Feline Employees of The Hermitage Museum, for the Return of Feline Fridays

Since 1745 the famed Hermitage Museum in Russia has been home to a small group of furry employees.  Brought in to help with mice and rats, this community of cats have been with the museum continuously for 267 years with only a brief break during the second world war.

Now a days there are somewhere in the region of 65 cats, all of them strays who've been brought in from around the city, making the Hermitage a one of a kind rescue operation.  There are no official funds to support this small furry army, and instead they are lovingly looked after by the human employees of the museum who contribute to a monthly fund to pay for their food and vet care.  There are three part time care takers who groom, feed and care for the colony, but they are obviously beloved by many as they've become famous in their own right.  Folks can even adopt Hermitage rescue cats, which come with a certificate proclaiming their unique and distinctive heritage.

For more info on this delightful story check out this article over at, fascinating and sure to put a smile on your face this friday afternoon.  Also a great little video over on cbc's offbeat stories.

Happy Friday!

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