Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Link Salad!

Yea Gads! I cannot remember the last time I got it together for a bit of weekend linkage! I know, I'm terrible.  I have been collecting, just not posting. Terrible, I say!  But I am here with oodles of news and linkage to try and buy my way back into your favor.  Also, I would offer chocolate, but it links poorly over the Internet.  It gets all melty, ugh. Messy.

So many links! Where to start?
-Stephen King has announced another new book, releasing next June.  It's another edgy mystery publishing with Hard Case Crime, the publishers of the Colorado Kid.  His new book is caled Joyland, and it's about a College kid working in a small town amusement park and digging around in an old murder.

-Speaking of new books, Robin LaFevers sequel to Grave Mercy has a title and a first chapter teaser up on Amazon.  It's called Dark Triumph.

-Beth Revis's Across the Universe series has announced it's third cover revamp.  That's right, each book in the series has had a new cover revamp. That sound you hear?  Book lovers screaming bloody murder at having three mis-matched hardcovers.  We're sticklers if nothing else!  The Book Rat (among others) has kindly posted all three looks at the series for comparison, including the latest rendition.  What do you think? Do new covers entice you to a book?  Or are you just frustrated by the indecisiveness?

-Remember last year when the "new" Sweet Valley High came out and all the old school fans rushed out and bought it?  Then were horrified by the drivel and the strange personality changes, not to mention the blatant attempts to up the drama into the "adult" sphere?  Well THERE'S MORE!  That's right, St Martin's Press is making a whole adult SWH series called The Sweet Life!  Two new books released last Sunday and (good god) there will be an e-novella every following Sunday until August 12.  I can just imagine how great they'll be.  The bi-line?  The Twins.  At thirty.
Blech.  How is it the Twins were always older than me but now they're younger?
EW had an exclusive excerpt if you can stand it.

-Need to cleanse your palette from that? Thought so.  Maggie Stiefvater has posted her making of post for the beautiful Raven Boys trailer.  Which, by the way, I can't hold off reading any longer.  This past week I got a SUPER exciting, beautiful delivery of Raven Boys and now my excitement for it is officially ratcheted up to INSANE! So expect me to be moaning about being finished it by later this week via Twitter.  I'm already depressed and I haven't even started it yet! Sigh.

-A couple of weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of being invited to Random House for lunch with the charming Karen Walker Thompson, author of the wonderful Age of Miracles.  I did not take notes, and my pictures were blurry, so I point you towards Random House's blog and Lost in a Great Book for fantabulous recaps.  And of course my review.  I've already started handing out my copies for the first book of my new book club.  That's it! I'm sick of not being in a book club so I am starting one!  I know, tricky hey?!

-A couple of great ARC contests popped up this week. Michelle Hodkin has a creative way for you to win an ARC of The Evolution of Mara Dyer.  Be still my heart, you have months to wait for this book yet!  And Lenore, of Presenting Lenore fame has a great Apocalypsies Starter Pack giveaway.

-Publishers Weekly posted a sneak peek at Spring 2013's YA and Middle Grade line up.  It includes the current working titles of Sarah Dessen's latest.

-The New York Times had a cute little interview with Kristin Cashore last week.  It has a smattering of interesting Tidbits and a very unflattering sketch of the author herself (I met her at the BEA, she is much better looking than the odd cartoon.  What's with the cowboy kerchief?)

-This week all the YA Crush Tourney fun started.  Mostly I follow this for all the great teasers and POV extras that the authors throw out there for wins, but this year I've been enjoying the silly fun off it on Twitter as well.  So much more amusing then Goodreads and ARC drama.  Anyhoots, Julie Kagawa offered a little shirtless Ash teaser from next months release of Irons Prophecy, even though poor Ash didn't win (who is Aiden anyhow?).

-Speaking of teasers, Cassie Clare has been crazy full of them again!
      - A Will snippet from Clockwork Princess
      - And of course, that cover reveal that drove Twitter a bit insane.
      - A Jem snippet from Clockwork Princess courtesy of TMI
      - Finally a small teaser from The Huffington Post about the Prologue of Clockwork Princess.

Alrighty! Did that make up for my dearth of Salads lately?  Hopefully!  Now Sunday Forth and enjoy!