Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

It is another unbelievably scorching day in a summer full of them, and I'm currently sitting in my backyard with the fuzzy kids trying to catch up on reviews before bombing off to Vancouver for my Omas 85th birthday shindig.  If you're a book blogger in the Vancouver/Delta neighbourhood and are free for book chatting and coffee between Thursday the 9th and Monday the 13th make sure to comment or tweet me!  In the meantime I present to you a cool cucumber of salad links for your Saturday perusal, with my fondest hopes its a tad cooler wherever you are.  There is nothing cool about sweating through your underwear I tell you.

It's been the big week of teasers and reveals as we near the deadly August/September mega release of fall titles.

-First up was the first chapter of Michelle Hodkins follow up to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, The Evolution of Mara Dyer.  I'm warning your now, it's a vicious, vicious tease!  I cannot wait to read Evolution when it comes out in October, the cliff hanger from Unbecoming is killing me.

-Barry Lyga spent several days this week teasing his fandom with the gradual reveal of the cover and title for his sequel to I Hunt Killers.  Its called Game, and the cover is a great fit with the first part of the series.

-Harper Collins has been teasing the Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein fans with quotes from the soon to be release Such Wicked Intent.  Teaser one is here, with the second teaser on their facebook page. As if I wasn't already dying with anticipation!

-I'm ashamed to say Lisa McManns Unwanteds is one of the BEA books from last year I still haven't gotten to. So many books, so little time!  But time waits for no slow pokes I tell you, and part two, Island of Silence is due out this fall.  Simon Kids has the first chapter and the cover reveal up on their facebook page.

- A couple of stellar contests went live this week online as well!  Julie Kagawa has a contest to win a copy of Iron Legends, a little creativity is called for but it's open internationally until August 18th, so you have time to get inventive. is having an excellent writing contest, where the winning entry will have their short story published in an anthology edited by Saundra Mitchell (author of the Vespertine and the Springsweet).  Not only would you be a published writer, but you'd be published alongside some great YA authors such as Carrie Ryan, Beth Revis and Sarah Rees Brennan.  You have until September 1st to get the creative juices flowing, so what are you waiting for?

-Speaking of book deals, this week Dennis Rodman announced a book deal for a children's story.  I think Gobsmacked is the word you're looking for here.  But also in the realm of strange and bizarre is PW's announcement that Andrea Cremer will be writing an erotic adult series set in the Nightshade world.  Book one is set for October 2013.

-Finally, because everyone needs a giggle, we're all subject to this and because professor internet is a cat, I give you the So you're mad about something on the internet flow chart by  That's right, now eat a sandwich and chill the fuck out!

Go forth and Saturday onwards my brave followers!  For those of you in Canada, enjoy the long weekend, for everyone else, remember: too much Olympics will turn you into a spandex wearing trampoline athletic wanna be.  And nobody wants to see you in spandex.

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