Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day I Met the Bloggess, also the day she signed my boobs...

So it's been an epically bad year for me, and although I've fought hard to stay positive it's gotten hard at times to keep upbeat.  Enter Jenny Lawson, my hero.  Seriously, between her blog The Bloggess, and her Mostly True Memoir- Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny has been instrumental in making me laugh at some of my lowest moments.  You know, like that time I had Shingles, TWICE, ugh.

And when I say she makes me laugh, that's an understatement.  She makes me laugh so hard I sob, and she also makes me feel good about everything.  She's like my own personal upper, without side effects, and it's pretty sweet.  Which is why I found myself getting my boobs signed by her the day after her big pegasus delivery.  Who else would I get to break my boob signing virginity after all?


On August 7th, Jenny came by the Indigo down at Bay and Bloor, where she had a great interview,  read my favourite chapter of her book and then signed books and chatted the crowd up as if she was a good friend instead of a blogger we all admired via internet stalking on a regular basis.  It was a fantastic evening, and perfect timing as I was buying her book to give to my Oma for her 85th birthday, which I was flying to BC for the following day!

Indigo has a great YouTube clip of her reading (she made me laugh until I sobbed again, and I wasn't the only one!).  I told Jenny that my hubby was team Victor, and that he wanted her to know he thought she was a bad influence (ie: outrageous collections and kittens and such), we discussed my humming bird skull necklace, and I let her know she was my hero for so many reasons, not the least of which was how she could always make me laugh.

She told a number of great stories, and was genuinely a delight.  Everything I could hope for after following her blog for the past year.  Now stop waiting around and read her book already! You won't regret it!