Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

Today was made of awesome, meaning I went to two different Chapters and bought ever more books.  I will ignore the sinking sensation that comes when I realize there is absolutely no room for even a single other book in this house.  Also I had french fries in the park, which is against my "diet" of which I talk a lot about, but have done nothing to start so far.  Except! I bought a scale!! That should count for something right?  I mean at least a couple of pounds? Hmmm, I am possibly going to be very bad at this whole loosing weight thing.

But speaking of exercise, I've gotten some great exercise for your fingers, so go forth and link onwards!

-It's been a quiet week in most departments other than teasers.  There have been plenty of teasers!
   -Clockwork Princess snippet
   -A second Clockwork Princess snippet
   -A down right evil Evolution of Mara Dyer teaser (I keep thinking of the meadow scene in Twilight, I so hope this is a joke from that)

-Did you read Ilsa Bick's Ashes last year?  And are you gearing up for her September release of part two, Shadows?  Do you need a recap?  Well here you go.

-Now that you're fully update, and you can remember freaking out over that killer ending, I have a gift for you.  Head on over to the Ashes website, sign up for their newsletter and you'll get a chance to read the first 4 chapters of Shadows!  I'm warning you, I finished Shadows last week, and it won't alleviate your pain much, but it's still great!

-If you're like me, you likely recently started wondering about part three in Kersten Hamilton's Goblin Wars trilogy.  Well the good new is she did a cover and title reveal over at Tales of Whimsy.  The bad news is it's not out this fall, it's releasing February 2013, which sounds like forever, but will likely be here before we know it!  Love the title.

-Finally, Teri Terry has revealed the US cover for her wonderful dystopian Slated! It has a January 2013 release for the states, and I love the slightly new look.  I read the UK version of this back in May and thoroughly enjoyed it, I can't wait to see what happens in book two!

For those of you enjoying a long weekend, this weekend, may it be full of good weather and excellent reads, for those poor saps with a regular weekend- the same (just one day less!).
Happy Saturday!

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