Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Link Salad

It's raining, it's pouring, nobodies snoring but sadly I've got plans to go zoo adventuring today that are looking decidedly wet and unappealing.  Also? I have a wedding dress that needs making.  Thurman and I were hard at work pattern drafting yesterday.  October 12, the wedding day, is starting to creep up at speedy little clip.  So I'll likely continue to be kind of slim on the Feline friday posts, but for now let me share this picture of my pudgy little helper to appease the cat loving readers.  Pattern drafting is very tired making.

-There were several cover reveals this week.  First up was part two to Robin LaFevers Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph.  Sybella looks older than I would have pictured.  Also, she takes a moment to officially announce that His Dark Assassins is a trilogy and part three will be Annith's story.

-Megan Miranda's Hysteria had a cover reveal, it looks very foreboding.

-Cassie Clare posted two very evil, teeny weeny Clockwork Princess teasers.  The first seems like it might be a Jem or Will quote, the second is from Cecily and it's pretty cute.

-David Slade, the director of 30 Days  of Night and Eclipse, is in talks to direct the film adaptation of Ally Condie's Matched.  Weird resume this guy is starting to put together hey?

-Speaking of Eclipse, the Huffington Post, posted a really interesting article on the whole, Kristen Stewart slag campaign and why it's a bad sign for young women.  I have to say I wasn't surprised, or disturbed by the whole Snow White sequel brouhaha.  She's a public figure who makes her living on her reputation just as much as her work, so it stands to reason this hurt her.  However, the Huffpost article has given me a new perspective on the trampire.  Worth a read.

-If you grew up in the past 30 years, then you likely grew up reading Judy Blume.  Sad news this week as she's posted to her blog about her fight with breast cancer.  

-Heading out to the Ontario Blog Squad meet up in November?  They've announced their first special guest, Lesley Livingston!  Can't wait to see who else they have lined up!

-Libba Bray has announced a her Diviners Tour!  Sadly it doesn't have any Canadian stops, but if you're in the US, she'll likely be hitting a book store near you.

-Did you fall in love with Amy Garvey's Cold Kiss last year?  Well she has a sequel due this month, Glass Heart, and it's full of more wonderful Wren goodness.  Epic reads has a preview if you want a taste of it.

-Finally, The Enchanted Inkpot had a lovely interview with Kenneth Oppel this week about his spellbinding Victor Frankenstein series.  It gives an interesting look at how he's been developing the story with reference to the original story and Mary Shelley and Co., and their real life adventures and personalities.

Looks like the rain might be tapering off.  Maybe there will be some zoo adventuring in my future after all.  Baby white tigers, here I come!

Happy Saturday!


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