Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Link Salad

I know right?  Fridays and Saturday posts are my kryptonite these days.  I blame the wedding dress, and my manic gym ritual (I've lost 6.5lbs in two weeks! Only 34.5lbs to go! Gahhhhhh!!).  Did I mention there will people who haven't seen me since high school at this blasted wedding?  I really don't want to weigh this much when I see them again.  Big Sigh.

But yes, excuses, excuses hey?  I will totally make it worth your while though, because boy oh boy do I have a wealth of news for you!

-There were oodles of rights optioned this week, or at least announcements of such.
-Speaking of optioned films, Divergent has a release date and a few names attached to it now, so it looks like the success of The Hunger Games has pushed it into production.  Do you think it will kick up the same level of furor as HG?  I'm ambivalent about Tris, but I think I might have strong opinions on who will play four.  Lets not have a generic cute boy, hey?

-Speaking of casting outside of the mold, remember when they cast Finnick and people got their panties in a twist?  Well the first few images have been released of him in character, and they might be one of the best casting choices in the films so far.  I'm just saying.

-For those of you not in Toronto this month, the set visit for the TMI filming is likely high on your radar of exciting things this week.  Hypable is one of the groups that will be there, and they want to ask YOUR questions for the cast.  So if you've been crying into your milkshakes over not getting to hit up the set this fall, then make sure to check out Hypables link for the questions.

-Were you caught up in the snafu's of the J.K. Rowling talk in New York City in October?  Well it's been announced they're accommodating all the ticket purchasers regardless if they bought the early tickets or the morning release tickets.  As if they wouldn't have had a quick and painful death by angry fans if they hadn't accommodated them.  Did you hear my eyes rolling? Sorry, I meant to be quieter about that.

-Kiera Cass has announced a short story from Maxon's POV, releasing in ebook just prior to The Elite this coming spring.  I have to say, these ebook short stories as teasers in advance of book releases are becoming so plentiful it's hard to keep up.  But I do like a switch up in POV in a story I like.

-Remember a few years ago when it was announced Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's?  Well apparently he's doing really well, the Telegraph had a cheery little interview with him this week which will put most of his fans worries to rest.  Looks like there won't be an end to his writing any time in the near future.

-Apparently it's nearing deadline time for Libba Bray, if some of her Twitter antics recently are any indication.  My favorite recently?  10 ways how to get out of your deadline.

-Feel like you're always on the edge of your seat for some release or another? Yeah, me too.  So here's a bevy of teasers to make the anticipation both better and worse:
And that's a wrap!  Go forth and brunch and be merry!  May your week be full of only the best reads and the last of the warm fall days to read them in.  Next time you're relaxing, think of me sweating away my tubby butt at the gym and sewing my fingers off on the wedding dress and take an extra 30 minutes of easy time on my behalf. 
I will live vicariously through you.

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  1. Love these link posts... it's got everything listed that a book lover needs to know about!