Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That time I drove to Brampton to meet Maggie Stiefvater...again.

Stalker much?

So although I had met Maggie a couple times before, the last of which was at the BEA when she signed my ARC of Raven Boys, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her once more.  And it was totally worth it. There was easily an hour worth of Q &A as well as general story telling/entertaining, and then of course, the delight of chatting to Maggie one on one.

I met up with some of the usual suspects in the Ontario Blogosphere.  And the always fantastic Jenn of Lost In a Great Book brought yummy gluten free snacks for us and Maggie. Turkey shaped brownies! Yum!  I brought Maggie a travel mug with a tea infuser and some teas for her tour, since she'd blogged this morning about her somewhat sad options for breakfast room service, what with her gluten and preservative issues.  I love sharing Davids Tea, and since I'm a huge coffee and tea girl too, it seemed like the perfect gift.  I don't usually bring gifts for authors, but Maggie has always been so lovely online and in person I wanted to bring her something.

Maggie brought a matted frame from her Raven Boys trailer, and fellow author R.J. Anderson won it for being the fan who had travelled the farthest (stratford).  Maggie also signed and doodled on the event poster, which was then auctioned for the Brampton Chapters love of reading Campaign.  Jenn won it with an astoundingly generous 150$ bid.  If you get a chance to drop into her book store Curiosity House Books in the near future you can have a closer look at it.

Here are some of the highlights of the gabbing of the evening:

-Maggie is not a hugging person, but when she had the opportunity to meet Susan Cooper (author of the Dark is Rising series, incidentally hugely inspirational to Maggie in general and Raven Boys in specific), she asked for a hug.  In a very fan girl moment that she's equal parts thrilled and embarrassed by now.

-Gansey was problematic to write.  It was "stone cold awesome" to write about someone fabulously rich- she could give him anything she wanted (helicopter), but he came with his own set of problems.  Why was he rich? How did he feel about it?  What kind of shoes does he wear?

-Boat shoes were a problem, they're called Topsiders, but that's copyright, so it would always have to be capitalized, giving it undo importance. Also, she bought a pair on ebay, it was a pair, but she only needed one, and as soon as she said that on Twitter some one immediately asked for one.  When she asked why, the girl responded IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
So she did what any good author would do, she signed it and sent it to her.  She figures this girls mother likely hates her now.  The shoe smells so bad she has it in a ziplock bag so it won't touch her clothes in her luggage.

-Gansey is pronounced Ghan-Sey.

-He is too rich to dance.  In the future if you don't want to dance, an adequate response (when asked) is 'I'm too rich to dance'.

-Maggie writes with the end first, then core scenes, and then "PANIC".

-All of her good ideas come at 65km/hour or over.

-Her first rally race is in Canada at the end of next month.

-She used to be really neurotic about writing on
planes, she felt like everyone was reading over her shoulder.  She eventually got over it, then one time on a flight to Frankfurt she wrote a joke and the guy next to her laughed.

-She doesn't identify with any protagonist more than any other.  There's a bit of her in all of them.  But her husband says that she may see herself as Blue or Puck, but he knows where Rowan and Cole St. Claire come from.

-She stole her sister for Puck.  She steals people all the time.

Maggie Meeting Susan 
-Her advice for aspiring authors is:
Creatively: no means not yet.  Whenever you get rejected it's not a final no, it's just a not yet.  So keep working.
Business wise: Google is your friend.  Google everything submission wise so you do it right.

-She enjoyed writing The Scorpio Races the most.

-She threw out the entire 90K first draft of Forever after submitting it on time for her deadline.  Making readers cry is one thing, making editors cry is scary.

- So far she's deleted 45k from the sequel to Raven Boys.

- Her favorite character in Shiver trilogy is Cole St Claire.  BUT YOU CAN'T DATE HIM! Find a nice Sam.

-The first kiss scene she ever wrote read like a gun manual her husband the ex-cop used to keep on his night stand, just without the diagrams.

-Indigo Teen had a Q & A recently with Maggie, and on it a smidgen of Gansey's notebook was revealed.  Check out the Indigo Teen Blog to see it.

If you get a chance to see Maggie on her tour, make sure you do so.  Her signings are always so much better than the average signing.
Also, she's pretty awesome, so there's that.

Haven't read Maggie's books and wondering what the fuss is all about?  Well why not take a gander at my reviews before you decide what to sink your teeth into?  I'm pretty biased, she's one of my favourite authors, but I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with any of her fine books.

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  1. I'd love to go to a book signing and since I am a fan of Maggie Stiefvater, it would be such a pleasure to exchange a few words with her. I just hope I can find a good hotel so that I can get to the venue without a hassle.

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