Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Saturday Link Salad!

It has been another busy week here.  Wedding dress sewing, sewing machine drama, and all sorts of visitors!  A high school friend from Saskatchewan was visiting at the start of the week for a conference and my brides (another high school friend) fiance is now visiting from England.  It's keeping us on our toes, and well and truly breaking my diet/exercise regime.  Point in case, I had deep fried poached eggs the other day.
Since I've had too many visitors to be online nearly as much as normal, the link salad is a bit on the thin side.  But they're still juicy, so enjoy!

-This week is the MUCH anticipated release of JK Rowlings new book A Casual Vacancy.  The Guardian has interviewed her in advance of her first adult book, where she's been quoted as saying:
'The worst that can happen is that everyone says, That's shockingly bad'.  Umm, that seems like a pretty unpleasant worst case scenario, no?

-Rick Riordan is returning to Toronto for the release of The Mark of Athena.  I have met him three times now, and though I'm sorely tempted to go, I think I'll behave myself this time and leave the space for another deserving fan.  A bit different from his other visits, it'll be in a theatre and sounds like the books will be pre-signed.  He'll be here, Wednesday October 3rd, at 7pm.

-At long last, a release date has been set for Stephen King's sequel to the Shining.  The hubby groaned in despair when he found out he'd have to wait until September 2013.

-As if tomorrow isn't already full of fantastic bookish things in Toronto, what with Word on the Street and the International Festival of Authors, now you can throw in the release party for Binky the Space Cat's latest volume, Binky Takes Charge!  What do you think? Should I drag all my company down for the shindig?

-Finally, I have two teasers for you today.  First up a Clockwork Princess teaser from Cassie Clare, who has been flitting around Toronto this week, watching the filming of TMI.  Then to finish things off, a Jewish New Year teaser from Michelle Hodkin from The Evolution of Mara Dyer.

Now go forth and weekend onwards my friends!


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